How To Safeguard Your Guest Room From Germs Once Disney World Resort Reopens

Park Bag

Daily Gear Wipe Down

Speaking of gear, take a few minutes to wipe down things in your park bag and your park bag itself after a day of use. Wipe the bottom of bags, bag straps and high touch items like phones and cameras with a disinfectant wipe throughout the day and before returning to your resort room each day.

Diffuse Away

Essential oil fans often choose to travel with essential oil diffusers.  When filled with tap water and a few drops off essential oil, these small machines can do a lot to freshen up and maybe even sanitize a space. While data about the use of essential oils for sanitizing and immune boosting are inconclusive, I happen to believe diffusing essential oils like Thieves, On Guard or Guard Against sanitizes rooms really well.  Regardless, diffusing essential oils is a great way to freshen up your resort room and make it smell great. 

Boost Your Immune System

Vacations are so much fun, but preparing for vacation before you leave home and adjusting to late nights, tiring days in the parks and less sleep can tax your system. When your body is resting less, eating differently and being introduced to a new environment you are much more likely to get sick. Boosting vitamin intake leading up to any vacation is a must do for my family. Taking a daily multivitamin and supplementing it with vitamin c is a step in the right direction in ensuring my family stays healthy for vacation. Taking vitamins is even fun with the new gummy vitamin options that fill the shelves these days.

Proper hydration is paramount to staying healthy. Pack double walled tumblers to keep in your resort room so each of your family members have a cup that is all their own to use. Making the choice to drink lots of water and skip sodas will keep you healthier and save a lot of money for your family.

By Katie

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