How To Safeguard Your Guest Room From Germs Once Disney World Resort Reopens


These days cleanliness and safety is paramount. Walt Disney World Resorts around the world have closed in the wake of the global pandemic but we Disney Fanatics are anticipating the reopening in the coming weeks or months. We are already thinking ahead to our next visit to the happiest place on earth. There are ways you can work to stay clean and safe on your next Disney vacation starting with your resort room. We unpack our tips for staying clean in your guest room in this article.

Pack Smart

Plan a trip to shop for sanitizing products before your vacation.  You will need disinfecting wipes in smaller travel sized envelopes for your park bag and several travel sized hand sanitizers for easy access in park bags. Do not forget a family sized roll of disinfecting wipes and a large pump hand sanitizer to use in your room and to refill the small park sized sanitizers. If you love essential oils be sure to pack a travel sized diffuser and essential oils you can use to refresh the air, sanitizing the space or boosting your immune system. Lastly snag Steripod toothbrush clip-ons from Walmart, Target or Amazon to keep each of your toothbrushes from touching surfaces between uses.

Shoes Off, Socks On

Did you know that our shoes carry all sorts of gross germs? Shoes pick up germs from daily wear in the world so just imagine the increase after a visit to a theme park.  Removing your shoes at the entrance to your resort room and changing into clean socks for lounging around your resort room is a good option. This simple tip can help keep germs from the outside from spreading around your resort room.

Sanitize Surfaces

Bring along a disinfectant spray or wipes to use in your resort room on vacation.  Sanitize surfaces like the dresser, bathroom counters, table, chairs and night strands several times each day. Remind your family to wash hands frequently and bring along a home sized hand sanitizer to sit out in the resort room to encourage frequent germ control.

Be More Aware

One of the easiest ways to stay safe and healthy is to be more aware of what you are doing. Watch small children to ensure they are not putting things in their mouth. Avoid putting eating utensils or straws on surfaces before use, encourage you family to place utensils on a clean napkin instead of the table while you prepare snacks or meals in your resort room. Be sure you are not placing items that have been out of the room (purses and park bags) on the bed for unpacking and repacking.  Toss the gear bags on a table to repack so you can sanitize the table after use and store park bags on wall hooks.

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