How to Save Money at Disney World in 8 Easy Steps

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Disney World is magical, sensational, extraordinary….and expensive. After calculating your resort stay, park tickets and airfare, the thought of spending even more in the parks can be a little off putting. Don’t worry! There are ways to save money while discovering a whole new world. Here is a list of how to save money at Disney World in 8 easy steps.

8. Pack non-perishable snacks in your suitcase

One of the ways to save money at Disney world is to bring some non-perishable snacks with you on your trip. Fruit snacks, mini bagels and chips or goldfish crackers are all great snacks to bring to enjoy in your room or at the parks to avoid spending the extra money on a pretzel or ice cream bar.

7. Eat breakfast in your room

If you decide you do want to bring non-perishable food with you, consider bringing something easy like bagels and peanut butter to have for breakfast in your room. They are quick and filling so you and your kids can go all morning in the parks without complaints of being hungry or too full from breakfast! It beats having to spend the extra money at a quick service or sit down restaurant, and you can do it all from the comfort of your room. Nothing beats taking it slow one morning and enjoying a good bagel while the other members in your family finish getting ready for a fun day at the parks.

6. Bring your own food in the parks

A great way to save big in the parks is to not eat in the parks, or at least not every day! If you have your own transportation, consider driving out to one of the nearby grocery stores and pick up quick items for a good lunch in the parks. Fresh fruit, deli meat and bread can go a long way! If you don’t have your own transportation or aren’t planning on it, consider ordering groceries to your room through an online shop such as Garden Grocer. There is a minimum balance you will need to have in order to deliver, but if you are staying at Disney for a week and you need a week’s worth of lunches, it will end up being a cheaper cost than if you ate a full meal every day in the parks.

5. Refillable water bottles

Yes, tap water is free in the parks but after standing in long lines with the heat bearing down on you, do you really want to stand in another long line for some water? Bringing your own refillable water bottles means you get to have all the water you want on your own time, and it will eliminate the temptation of getting a soda or juice and spending money that you had not intended on spending before. You can also request free ice water at any counter service restaurant that has a soda fountain.

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4. Make lunch your table service meal of the day

If you decide that you don’t want to bring food into the parks, or don’t want to do it every day, then consider making lunch your big table service meal of the day. Most restaurants typically offer a similar menu as dinner at a fraction of the cost. You get a deliciously fantastic portion of food, and the best part is that when you’re done you still have hours left to enjoy in the parks!

3. Use your Disney Visa or other discount benefits

If you have a Disney Visa, you save 10% in most shops and restaurants when spending at least $50, and you earn points on top of that as well, so consider paying the bill with it! If you are a DVC member or annual pass holder, there are discounts available to each of you as well. Check the charts online to see where your discount applies and don’t forget to use it! While it may seem like a small amount, 10% adds up quickly in a place like Disney!

2. Bring your own ponchos

Go to the dollar store and purchase your ponchos before heading to Disney World. You never know when a rain storm will hit and it is best to be prepared ahead of time rather than having to spend a ton of money on ponchos for you and your family.

1. Purchase your souvenirs ahead of time

Much of the theme to saving money is to bring your own items from home, and this step is no exception. You can easily purchase souvenirs ahead of time to bring to the parks. Bring stuffed animals and toys for your kids and surprise them when you get to your hotel room. Don’t forget to consider clothing as well. You do not have to purchase t-shirts or hoodies in the park; you can instead go to your local Target and pick up Disney apparel there! This step alone can save you hundreds of dollars!!

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