6 Awesome Ways You Can Save Money On Your Walt Disney World Park Tickets

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Theme park ticket prices are increasing in price every single year. For some families, it can be challenging to be able to afford the entry to all of these parks without breaking the bank. The good news is that Disney offers a few discount ticket options that may assist you in visiting more frequently or having a little extra cash to ‘play’ with on your next visit. Here are six ways to save money on your Walt Disney World Park Tickets.

6. Military Discounts

If you or any member in your family (that will be in your party traveling with you) is an active member of the U.S. military, you will want to look into these discounted tickets. The savings on these tickets are wonderful because not only are you saving on the daily park rate itself, but the park hopper option is automatically included in the price of your tickets. This allows you to visit all four parks at any time of the day. Now that is what I call a bargain! Our soldiers do so much for us, so this is Disney’s way of saying thank you to all of our armed forces! No more than six tickets can be purchased under this discount. For purchasing tickets, contact your participating U.S. military base ticket office.

5. Florida Resident Discounts

It pays to live in the Sunshine State! Florida residents are offered a plethora of discounted tickets all year long. While these offers come and go, they are pretty consistent as the years come and go. There are usually three and four-day park offers under $150 (with block out dates), and even discounts on annual passes and the water parks. Florida residents that travel to Disney World often should really consider purchasing an annual pass as opposed to several discounted 3 and 4 day tickets. If you add up the amount you pay for the several visits you make to the parks each year, it may equal to the amount of a Florida resident annual or seasonal park pass. These passes are drastically less than a regular annual pass for other guests. Not only will you save money in the tickets themselves, but you can also use your annual and seasonal pass for select discounted resort rates, dining, and merchandise. You can also park hop whenever you would like! Proof of Florida residency is required upon arrival, even if tickets are purchased online. Only members in your party that are Florida residents can participate in this offer. You can’t purchase a series of Florida resident tickets for other members of your party if they do not live in Florida.

4. Authorized Disney Vacation Planners and Affiliated Companies

When booking your trip through an authorized Disney vacation planner like Mickey Travels, you may be able to grab a few discounted ticket options. Since there are several packages they can offer you with resorts and ticketing, these tickets may be at a lower rate than the standard rate given at the parks. Be sure to ask your vacation planner for discounted tickets. There are also some companies that offer deals on tickets. Examples of this includes Triple A members and select timeshares. Other ways to get discounts may include youth groups, UCF discounts, Disney Vacation Club members, government rates, and Disney World area Wal-Marts. It doesn’t hurt to ask what kind of deals these companies can offer!

3. Group Rates and Family Vacation Packages

If you are traveling in a super large party, check out the discounted group rate tickets! The best way to do this is to call Walt Disney World directly and check out your options. Since large groups are all unique, there isn’t a lot of information online regarding this. You will want to speak to a representative to answer all of your questions. Your family and friends will all save on the daily entrance rate!

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2. Annual Passes

For those traveling for a week or more and more than once a year, believe it or not, an annual pass may be a better option than purchasing a 7 or more base day ticket. This of course would only benefit if you visit more than once a year because the price of the annual pass will be less than the amount you will spend on two 7 or more base day tickets. The annual passes will also give you discounts on various other things such as hotels, special event tickets, dining, and merchandise, so not only are you going to save money on your tickets for your trips, you will save money in the other areas that will leave you with more money in your pocket. Be sure to look into this option if you plan to take a few trips to Disney

1. Skip the Park Hopper Option, Buy More Days

Park hopper passes are great for wanting to visit more than one park per day, but depending on the number of days you are going for, it may be cheaper to buy more single days than to add the park hopper option. For example, if you purchase a 4 day park ticket, it will cost you approximately $305.00. Adding a park hopper option to each of these days will raise your total cost to about $392.00 including taxes. The 9 day park ticket with no park hopper option will cost you a total of $378.00 including taxes! You get nine full days in the park for $14 less than it would cost you to do a four-day park hopper pass. In the long run, it is cheaper to purchase full day passes as opposed to adding the park hopper option. If you are planning to attempt to see and do everything in the parks, there is a slight chance you will be able to do that by splitting the day in half and spending it in two parks. With so much to see and do, it is worth visiting one park per day!

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