9 Secrets to Having a Stress Free Walt Disney World Vacation

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While Disney is a wonderfully magical vacation spot, it can still be stressful when you are there. Between running around the different parks and resorts, meeting all of your favorite characters and trying out new and exciting restaurants, it can be overwhelming – especially when you’re not prepared for all of life’s surprises along the way! Here is a list of nine secrets to having a stress free visit at Walt Disney World.

9. Bring a backpack

Having a backpack means everything when you are in Disney. There is no need to carry extra purses or wallets. Just throw everything in the backpack along with food and sunscreen and you’ll be good to go! It’s a great way to carry souvenirs as well, without worrying about having to rent a locker and going back and forth to it all day. Check out “15 Things To Bring With You Into Disney Parks.”

8. Bring your medications

Nothing – and I mean nothing – is worse than getting sick when you are on vacation. Even worse, being sick and having no medication readily available! While you can always go to the first aid building in each of the parks, it is just so much easier to already have your aspirin, Imodium and Benadryl should anything come up. Have a headache or a back ache? Just reach into your backpack for your Tylenol and you will be good to go. Stress averted!

7. Bring a refillable water bottle

Carrying around a refillable water bottle is great for two major reasons. First, you can easily carry it in your backpack, whereas you can’t with a paper cup from a quick service counter restaurant. Secondly, you can refill your water bottle right away at any of the many water fountains located throughout the parks. Yes, tap water is free at Disney, but after a day full of rides and meet and greets, do you really want to spend extra time waiting in a long line in the heat of summer for more water? Carry your own water bottle and you will never need to be stressed out about being thirsty again.

6. Band-Aids

This is something else that you can get at the first aid station, but imagine being all the way over in Fantasyland and having to walk all the way back to Main Street with a giant blister on your heel. That is uncomfortable, and can be stressful too, especially if you’re trying to navigate through crowds after a parade. Carrying Band-Aids on you means that you can stop where you are and cover it up that pesky blister without having to agonize over the thought of dragging your kids all the way back across the park.

5. Ponchos

Listen, you are in Florida. Rain is inevitable. Don’t stress yourself out about being stuck in the rain getting soaked with nothing to protect you from the elements! Bring a poncho with you on your trip. You can pick up a few at the dollar store and spend MUCH less money than you would buying a poncho at Disney. Your trip will be much less stressful knowing you don’t have to walk around in wet clothes or spend extra money on something that will cost you close to nothing at home.

4. Have groceries delivered to your room

One really great way of having a stress free trip is knowing that you can have groceries delivered straight to your room. Visit a website that delivers straight to the Disney resorts such as Garden Grocer, choose a delivery date and time, and that is it! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that there will be snacks and beverages for you during your trip that you don’t have to spend extra money on when you are in the parks.

3. Pack your lunch

Sometimes meal times can be stressful, especially if you have a big family in a crowded restaurant. Even with having advance dining reservations, you often have to wait for a period of time before you are seated, and with a hungry toddler, the thought can be daunting! Why not pack your own lunch to bring into the parks? You are allowed to bring food into the parks, so make some sandwiches and have a picnic! That way you can avoid long lines and temper tantrums and enjoy a meal while surrounded by the atmosphere of the park.

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2. Have a photographer take your picture

One of the things that can really add stress to your trip is not being able to take a family photo. Someone will always be left out having to be the one to take the photo and then they have to worry about switching places with someone else to take that same picture again. This is not something you have to worry about in Disney! All of the photographers located throughout the parks are able to take pictures with your camera, so you can get your family photo all in one shot! If a photographer isn’t around, there is always a friendly stranger who wouldn’t mind taking a picture for you.

1. Use the My Disney Experience app

The absolute best tip for having a stress free Disney vacation is to use the My Disney Experience app. This app literally does it all. It allows you to keep track of your FastPass+ reservations and change them on the fly. It will keep track of your dining reservations and has the menus for all of the restaurants in the parks. It will tell you where the restrooms are (which is especially great when traveling with kids or if you’re pregnant!) and on top of all of that, you can see when Disney shows are happening, an estimated wait time on rides, and what characters are in the parks that day! I would not survive my trips without using this app, and best of all – it is FREE to download! If you don’t follow any of the tips above, please do yourself this favor and remain stress free by using the My Disney Experience app!

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