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Disney Park Permanently Removes Guest Perk, Will Test a New Alternative This Summer

Tokyo Disney Queue

In a world rocked by COVID-19, Disney scrambled after its pandemic closure to curtail crowds. To gradually work its way back to pre-pandemic Park attendance, Disney reopened without one of the most crucial perks of a Walt Disney World vacation: the FastPass. With Guests desperately awaiting its return, Disney had to think quickly to deliver a similar experience. On October ...

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Disgruntled Family Experiences ‘Worst Holiday’ During Spring Break

disney world heat advisory

Many frequent Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort visitors — or even non-Disney theme park visitors — will have a certain amount of common sense when it comes to planning their Disney vacations during peak vacation times like spring break or Easter break. Unfortunately, one unsuspecting family headed to Disney World without said common sense — and they just ...

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The Beloved Disney World Experiences Ended For ‘Good Reasons’

Discontinued Feature

There is an old saying that all good things must come to an end. While we’d like to believe that the magical experiences to be had at Walt Disney World are all exempt from this concept, we all know better. We’ve seen it firsthand when one of our favorite attractions closes or a highly enjoyable non-attraction offering becomes defunct. That’s ...

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Fans Worried ‘Hack’ Sharing Could Cause Another Disney Courtesy to Disappear

Disney FastPass Hack

Just as the ‘Dresscoded’ hack leaves the front of Disney Fanatic’s minds, it seems that a Disney influencer has found another ‘Park Hack’ to take viral with the possibility of causing Disney Cast Members to end another way they try to go above and beyond to give Guests a magical experience. Related: (Don’t) Be Disney’s ‘Treasured Guest’ For many parents ...

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Disney Adds More Attractions to Genie+ Lightning Lane

lightning lane festival of fantasy disney stars red carpet dreams

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are continuing to add more theme Park attractions exclusively to Genie+ Lightning Lane, and now two more are joining the Lightning Lane lineup! Journalist Scott Gustin has revealed that as of March 11, the Disney World Resort Festival of Fantasy Parade will be a Genie+ Lightning Lane event in the Magic Kingdom theme ...

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Three Disney Attractions Are Switching Exclusively to Genie+ Lightning Lanes

lightning lane

Disney Guests have gone through many adjustments recently as Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort undergo changes, with the most notable change being the switch to Genie+ and Lightning Lanes, and the changes are continuing! Journalist Scott Gustin shared on Twitter that three Walt Disney World Resort attractions are being changed from Individual Lightning Lane selection attractions to Genie+ ...

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OpEd: Time to End Line-Cutting Options at Disney World

Disney World Lightning Lane

If Walt Disney World is not going to bring back its FastPass+ system, then I say it’s time the mega-resort ends all line-cutting options at its theme parks (except for tours and those with the DAS pass, of course). The fact of the matter is that line-cutting measures increase standby waits longer, which, in turn, increases the demand to cut ...

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Are Disney’s Park Hopper Restrictions Causing Lightning Lane’s Problems?

Disney World Lightning Lane

In the few months it has been an active part of the Walt Disney World experience, the new Lightning Lane system–whether via Genie+ or an individual basis–has been met with tremendous Guest backlash. One of the biggest complaints and mysteries of the FastPass-replacing line-cutting system is the inconceivable lines that Guests still have to endure while paying $20 per person ...

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How to Enjoy Disney If You or Someone in Your Crew Hates Crowds

Main St. USA

For the vast majority of people, Disney World is an absolutely magical place. In fact, many of us can’t even imagine how a person wouldn’t enjoy this incredible place full of excitement and wonder. That said, there are some people who just cannot stand crowds. For these people, Disney World is a place that couldbe magical and fun, but the ...

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7 Tips For Booking Your FastPass At Disney World Parks


Using Disney’s FastPass+ System may take some getting used to for a Disney newbie, but it’s definitely worth getting a handle on before your next trip!  FastPass+ allows you to make reservations for the experiences you want to enjoy, allowing you to experience them at your reserved time with minimal wait.  Though many people don’t love the idea of choosing ...

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