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3 More Ways Extreme Planners Rule at Magic Kingdom

Many years ago, I made a startling discovery. After several trips to Walt Disney World, I discovered there are thousands upon thousands (millions?) of people just like me! That is, people who are obsessed with planning their next trip to Walt Disney World. Hi, my name is Jimmie and I’m a Disney fanatic! Every Disney trip I plan starts with ...

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8 Awesome Ways To Avoid Lines At Walt Disney World


Disney serves around 600 million guests worldwide. That’s a lot of people, FYI, which unfortunately translates to a lot of lines. But here are a few simple tips to help keep your wait time at no more than 30 minutes (in most cases, much less!), all day long. 8. Go During Off-Season – The busiest times inside the parks basically ...

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Ways to Avoid Crowds On Your Disney World Vacation

Main St. USA Castle _ avoid crowds _ disney fanatic

When most people think of Walt Disney World, they imagine crowds and hot weather. However, Disney Insiders know there are tricks to avoid crowds and manage the heat! Long lines, crowded walkways, and traffic can all be avoided by following these simple 10 tips. 10. Stand Behind Cinderella’s Castle for Fireworks If you don’t need to see the Celebrate the ...

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Don’t Waste FastPasses on These 8 Things at Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle

The FastPass+ service at Disney World is truly a great thing. Some rides you absolutely have to have a FastPass+, if you don’t want to wait in line for hours. But some rides have particularly short wait times and don’t warrant a FastPass+. We have put together a list of 8 rides and attractions you shouldn’t need a FastPass+ for. ...

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Don’t Waste Your FastPasses on These 5 Attractions at Hollywood Studios

With the advent of My Disney Experience and your ability to schedule your group’s FastPasses 60 days in advance, it is important to have a strategy when booking FastPasses to maximize your enjoyment in the parks, as well as minimize time you spend in line. Even though it seems like Hollywood Studios is being shutdown, there are still plenty of ...

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MagicBands 101: 5 Things You Absolutely Must Know


MagicBands are here and they are one of the coolest things that have happened to the Disney parks in a long time! Disney spent over a billion dollars researching, creating and implementing this new service and it was totally worth it! MagicBands not only look cool but also they will totally transform your Disney experience! 5. MagicBands are available when ...

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You Snooze, You LOSE! – Don’t Sleep In at Walt Disney World


One of the biggest mistakes made by Disney novices is sleeping in at Disney. Yes, I know you’re on vacation. Yes, I know you have to wake up early every single day of your regular working life. But seriously, your Disney vacation is NOT the time to trade in the alarm clock. Here’s our list of fabulous things you’ll surely ...

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6 Tips To Help You Plan The Disney Trip Of Your Dreams

Cinderella's Castle

There are those of us who have a hard time believing any Disney trip would be less than magical, but alas, even my perfect family has struggled with Disney meltdowns. Perhaps sensory overload or physical discomforts chase away the magic. If you have been to Disney World, you know how overwhelming it can seem. Failure to plan ahead can have ...

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How to Become A Disney Pro in 10 Easy Steps

A trip to Disney can be pretty intimidating if you don’t know the ropes. Your first trip to Disney can be quite the challenge but you can become a Disney pro in no time! Here are ten easy steps to make you a Disney pro before your next trip! 1. Study the maps beforehand. Before you get to Orlando, get ...

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The Secret’s Out – Disney World Tips & Tricks We Almost Didn’t Share

I’m hesitant to share these Walt Disney World secrets, but I’m assuming that since you are here, you are serious about planning your next trip. These Tips & Tricks for enjoying a Disney trip have come from many years of researching websites, reading books and talking with other Disney-obsessed people. Oh, and lots of trips to the most magical place ...

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