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If You Answer Yes to Each of These Questions, You’re a Disney Fanatic

6. Do you see Mickey in the clouds?

As you are looking at blue skies filled with fluffy white cumulus clouds, do you catch a glimpse of a Mickey shaped cloud floating by and immediately post a picture of it on your social media channels?  You just found a “hidden Mickey”!

7.  Have you subscribed to multiple Disney World You Tube Channels?

It’s a real treat to watch other Disney fans’ videos.  You never know when you’ll see yourself in someone else’s video.

8.  When you go to a bookstore, do you find yourself being drawn to books and magazines featuring the latest news and history of Walt Disney and all the Disney theme parks?

I know I can never get enough of the history of Walt Disney and how he and a mouse became so famous.  It’s a magical adventure which just happens to be a true story.

9.  When friends or relatives visit, does the conversation eventually turn into a Q & A about the latest news about Walt Disney World?

So many visitors of Disney theme parks are made up of generations of families whose parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents began the Disney tradition which has been continued through the years.

10. Do you begin planning you next trip to Walt Disney World on your way home from your recent visit?

The one thing I dislike about taking a Disney trip is the day we leave to return home.  Planning our next trip to Walt Disney World excites us and makes us all feel better.

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