If You Answer Yes to Each of These Questions, You’re a Disney Fanatic

Castle Left

11.  Do most of your birthday, anniversary, and Holiday gifts for friends and family come from a Disney online store

Also, do you prefer Disney merchandise yourself?  When it comes to shopping, my favorite choice for my family and friends are gifts with a Disney theme.

12.  At Christmastime, do you have one special tree which is filled with Disney ornaments only?

Every year we have two trees, one decorated traditionally, and one Disney tree filled with ornaments, lights, and garland featuring Disney theme parks, movies and Disney characters.

13.  Does your kitchen look like it was designed by Mickey and Minnie Mouse?

There are a multitude of Mickey and Minnie designs for your kitchen.  Some appliances available for purchase are a Mickey Mouse coffee maker, Mickey Mouse waffle maker, dinnerware, glassware, cookie jars, table cloths, dish cloths, napkins, and so much more.

14. Does your children’s wardrobe consist of quite a few Disney character themed outfits, pajamas, slippers, socks, underwear, winter hats, gloves, and outerwear, etc.?

Disney themed clothing is very popular and usually made of the highest quality.  Disney clothing is also very popular among adults. 

15.  If you were to win the lottery, would your first thought be about a trip to Walt Disney World?

“You just won a billion dollars; what are you going to do now?”  If your first response is ‘I’m going to Disney World’, you are definitely a Disney Fanatic.
There are a lot of “Disney Fanatics” in this world, and if you answered ‘yes’ to each of the above questions, you are without a doubt a Disney Fanatic.  Being a Disney Fanatic is a good thing.  “Disney Fanatics” are people who are inspired and excited by the dream of one man, Walt Disney, who made it possible for millions of people around the world to partake of his vision; a place where parents and children could enjoy theme park rides and attractions together.  I am proud to be a Disney Fanatic because I am proud of what the Disney name stands for—family, fun, excitement, and making dreams come true every day.

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