If You Answer Yes to Each of These Questions, You’re a Disney Fanatic

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Let's Recap!

1.  When choosing music CDs, do you generally purchase Disney tunes?
2.  Do you own more Disney DVDs than any other popular DVDs?
3.  When you hear a classic Disney song playing on the radio or in a store where you are shopping, do you hum or sing along under your breath?
4.  Do you stop what you’re doing at home when you hear a Disney World commercial playing on your TV?
5.  Have you named any of your children after Disney characters?
6.  Do you see Mickey in the clouds?
7.  Have you subscribed to multiple Disney World YouTube Channels?
8.  When you go to a bookstore, do you find yourself being drawn to books and magazines featuring the latest news and history of Walt Disney and all the Disney theme parks?
9.  When friends or relatives visit, does the conversation eventually turn into a Q & A about the latest news about Walt Disney World? 
10. Do you begin planning you next trip to Walt Disney World on your way home from your recent visit?
11.  Do most of your birthday, anniversary, and Holiday gifts for friends and family come from a Disney online store?
12.  At Christmastime, do you have one special tree which is filled with Disney ornaments only?
13.  Does your kitchen look like it was designed by Mickey and Minnie Mouse?
14. Does your children’s wardrobe consist of quite a few Disney character themed outfits, pajamas, slippers, socks, underwear, winter hats, gloves, and outerwear, etc.?
15.  If you were to win the lottery, would your first thought be about a trip to Walt Disney World?

By Cecilia

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