If You Do These 10 Things, You’re Definitely A Die-Hard Disney Fan!

Die-Hard Disney Fan

We die-hard Disney fans are a special group of people. We believe in magic, we immerse in imagination and wonder, and lets face it, we think differently than others. I love when my friends roll their eyes and laugh at the Disney things I do. I also love being able to interact and make friends with other die-hard Disney fans. We understand each other and enjoy sharing magical moments and such. While there are many more than just ten things that die-hard Disney fans do to share their passion with others, here are ten things that Disney obsessed fans do!

10. Naming Children After Beloved Disney Characters

I love it when I hear that Disney fans name their children after their favorite characters. Most names are actually beautiful. I have to say, my favorite name for a girl would be Ariel or Briar Rose. There are also several cool names for boys like Peter and Jack. Usually, the story behind why a parent names their child after their favorite character has a lot of meaning and is a beautiful story to tell when their children grow up. What a better way to show your love for Disney than naming your sweet baby after your favorite character?

9. Finding Hidden Mickeys in Everything

I love it when I notice the famous three circles in all sorts of items as I’m walking down aisles at stores. It’s really funny how engraved finding hidden Mickey’s can be for die-hard Disney lovers. We can’t help ourselves. Those three little circles that represent Mickey’s silhouette are everywhere. Next time you’re at the store, looking up at the sky, or anywhere in between, I guarantee you will find a ‘hidden Mickey’ anywhere you go!

8. Disney-Themed Home or Work Space

It’s so easy to incorporate Disney into your home. There are so many different bedroom, kitchen, and even outdoor home decorations that can be purchased online, in stores, or directly from Disney to show off your love for it at home. Some of the more common ways to include Disney at home would be in children’s bedroom, but even adults include some great décor with Mickey or Disney Park themed kitchen sets (like dishes, cups, silverware, etc.) and amazing sculptures and artwork for their walls. Work spaces are also easy to decorate with these items. As a classroom teacher, I love that I am able to incorporate Mickey and Walt Disney in my classroom with Disney themed calendars, posters, number lines, word walls, and even bathroom passes. These are two places that we tend to spend most of our time at, so we might as well decorate it to represent our love for Disney!

7. Disney Wardrobe Section In Your Closet

There are so many adorable articles of clothing with Disney characters, so it makes it difficult to have a small selection. Many avid Disney lovers also collect shirts or even jewelry, purses, and shoes (just to name a few). Showing your Disney Side is really simple considering there are so many types of wardrobe items to choose from. I know I personally keep all of my Disney themed clothes in one section of my closet, making it easier for me to show my Disney Side whether I’m at the parks, or at home. I also have a stash of hats, socks, purses, and jewelry that I have collected over the years in my closet as well. It may seem crazy to have a particular section in your room dedicated to your Disney wardrobe, but us avid Disney lovers know it’s part of life!

6. Disney Themed Parties

While having Disney themed birthday parties sounds normal, us Disney Addicts turn every party into a Disney one. I can’t tell you how many Disney themed Christmas, Halloween, Valentine, and even graduation and anniversary parties I have been to (let’s just say it’s too many to count on three hands). A new trend for Disney lovers is hosting DisneySide parties “just because” fans want to have a get together and celebrate all things Disney. If Disney addicts want to throw a party, they will think of any excuse to throw one with a Disney theme! Disney themed weddings are also popular with huge Disney fans. Weddings are one of the most (if not the most) special moments in life. Sharing love between two people is a very special and momentous occasion. When fans choose to incorporate their love for Disney in their wedding ceremony and reception, they definitely don’t hold back! There have been some really elaborately themed Disney weddings, and some of the most avid fans even have their special ceremony right at Disneyland or Walt Disney World! There are so many ways to include Disney in your wedding from your party favors, to the attire, décor, music, and even food. It’s really amazing to see others share their fairytale with the company that makes dreams come true!

5. Relating Everyday Life Instances to Disney

Last week I went to Key West, Florida and saw a fork encased at a museum. I immediately screamed, “A dinglehopper!” while the rest of my party had confused looks on their faces. This is another thing that us die-hard fans can’t help. We find things that immediately remind us of our favorite Disney movies. Lamps remind me of Aladdin, apples remind me of Snow White, Dalmatians remind me of 101 Dalmations, lifting weights at the gym reminds me of Hercules, etc. You can’t help it, but these small reminders are all over our everyday lives! Since Disney has such unique and recognizable music, it’s not too hard to be reminded of it when others are singing it. Sometimes when others are speaking and they coincidentally mention an exact phrase in a Disney song in their conversation, I immediately sing the song in my head, or in some cases, out loud. After having a conversation with my best friend last week, I couldn’t help but notice she mentioned, “be prepared” as she was speaking. I started singing Scar’s song and of course, I got the “you’re crazy” stare. Die-hard Disney fans are sure to think of these songs as they hear these popular phrases in conversation!

4. Add “Disney Ink” To Your Body

We all know how permanent tattoos are. There are so many Disney addicts that design or replicate beautiful Disney art and have it drawn on their bodies to have with them at all times. This type of dedication to the Disney company is definitely extreme!

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3. Investing In The Company Itself

There are several ways to invest in Disney. From purchasing stocks to the Disney Vacation club and owning annual passes to owning their own credit card, Disney fans definitely invest in Disney above and beyond the ordinary vacation. There are also fans that make it a point to save their money so that they can travel to the Disney parks in the U.S. and also in Europe and Japan as well as the Disney cruises that travel in the Caribbean and even Alaska! This can be a large expense, but it’s worth every penny if you are a die-hard Disney fan!

2. Planning Dream Disney Trips

This may seem odd to some, but there are many times that die-hard Disney fans check pricing, reservations, and even attraction and ride wait times when they aren’t even at the parks or plan to visit anytime soon. There is something about just looking at reservations and wait times that allows you to take yourself to take yourself back to your previous visits to Disney and just take your mind off of the real world for a minute or two.

1. Collecting All Things Disney

There are a myriad of collectors items that Disney has to offer. Park memorabilia, movies, books, jewelry, limited edition items, and artwork (just to name a few) can be costly, but also hold a special place in our hearts. There are Disney fans that will go to extreme lengths to attain their collectables. Whether it is spending a lot of money on them or even begging stores for displays, it’s really amazing what fans will do to get their hands on some neat stuff. It’s so great to look back on collector’s items as Disney evolves with time. I personally love collecting all of the different vinylmation Mickeys since they change frequently and will be a nice addition to my home. I also love Alex and Ani bracelets and Pandora charms. These are great items to collect for women. There are also great collectors items for men and children. When you think of everything that is available, it’s nice that everyone in the family is able to collect Disney items to enjoy no matter what your age or gender may be!

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Natalie is an elementary school teacher and a native Floridian who lives and breathes all things Disney. Her love for Disney started at the age of two during her first visit, and has continued to flourish into her adult life. She loves to share her Disney passion with her students and believes Disney is so special because there is no other place to forget about your worries and be a kid again, which is why she refuses to ‘grow up’.

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