Jobs We’d Totally Love At Walt Disney World – Sign Me Up!

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Walt Disney World employees always seem to be having a good time, don’t they? With a positive attitude and a constant smile, cast members throughout Disney put an individual spin on “whistle why you work”—one that makes me want to be a part of the team someday. Do you ever dream of working at the place where dreams come true? Here are a few of the positions that make me wanna say goodbye to the ho-hum and hello to a Disney dream job.

1. Character Buddy

Character greetings are such a big part of the Disney experience. Being able to witness the awe and excitement of kids meeting their favorite Disney heroes and villains would never get old, in my opinion. And while being an actual character would be fun, part of me worries that the Florida heat would not take kindly to people inside a full Pooh Bear or Minnie Mouse costume. That’s why I think being one of the people that escorts the characters around would be a cooler job. You’d still get to experience the wonder and magic of it all…but you also get to wear shorts. Character buddy definitely goes on my list of potential Disney dream jobs.

2. Special Events Cast Member

A friend of mine has worked as a special events support staff member at Walt Disney World for over twenty years, and man does she have an awesome job. She’s had the chance to help host weddings in Coral Reef, coordinate fireworks parties in Hollywood Studios, and lend a hand with festivals in Epcot, among many other things. She doesn’t have the stress of planning the events—she just shows up and helps them to run smoothly, all while experiencing them herself! Amazing. And the best part is, she often gets to spread pixie dust to unsuspecting guests. For example, if there’s extra space at the special nighttime viewing spot in the UK pavilion, she can offer it to a random family. Her job is making magic—sign me up!

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3. Resort Activity Cast Member

I’d love to be a resort activity cast member, too. From trivia games to hula hoop contests, I think being an activity cast member would feel like a constant vacation. Poolside relays, outdoor movies, s’mores by the campfire—yeah, that all sounds good. Helping out with resort activities would most certainly top my list at Walt Disney World.

4. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor Coordinator

OK, I have no audio/visual skills myself, but if I did, I’d love to be a part of the Laugh Floor. Making people laugh with the interactive, individualized elements just seems so fun. Maybe I’m not the best candidate for this job, but being a Monster’s In. Laugh Floor Coordinator might be the perfect Disney job for you!

5. Theatrical Cast

Similarly, I think it would be so incredible to be involved in one of the shows at Walt Disney World, don’t you? I’d love to be the bird girl that flies above the stage in Festival of the Lion King. Performing Marion’s stunts in the Indiana Jones show would be awesome too. And who wouldn’t love to be a part of the Fantasmic show? Sadly, I have no background on the stage (and I’m honestly pretty uncoordinated), but a girl can dream, can’t she?

6. Resort Ferry Captain

I love being on the water, so I think driving one of the smaller ferry boat, like the Friendships, between the resorts would be a pretty sweet gig. I imagine zipping guests around Crescent Lake or Seven Seas Lagoon or Village Lake with the wind in my hair and a cool spray of water on my face. Of course, I’m probably romanticizing the experience, as it would definitely require a high degree of safety training and an ability to function in foul weather. Still, I think being a resort ferry captain would be a fun, outdoor job that gives a unique view of Walt Disney World.

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7. VIP Tour Guide

How cool would the VIP Tour Guide job be? Not only do you get to hang out in the parks all day, but you also get to know different people (celebrities, contest winners, foreign dignitaries maybe?). VIP Tour Guides usher a small group around the parks, most times with unlimited FastPasses. They often ride along with the group on all the rides too! They offer historical facts and Disney trivia, in an effort to enrich the whole experience. And VIP Tour Guides also help get their groups to dining reservations too, which would allow you to get to know various restaurants throughout Walt Disney World (though they usually do not actually eat with the groups). Coolest job ever. Yes, I’d definitely put on that navy and red plaid uniform and become a VIP Tour Guide given the opportunity.

So what’s your dream job at Walt Disney World? What would it take for your to drop everything and create a career out of fantasy? Let us know in our interactive Facebook group. Until then, let’s dream together of what it might be like to work where we love to vacation!

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