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Disney Performer Collapses on Pavement and Frightens Guests

disney character performer injury in costume

After meeting a fur character like Goofy or Mickey Mouse in a Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort theme park, it’s understandable to begin wondering about the person inside the burdensome costume. Many Disney Fanatics have done their own virtual digging to learn more about what it’s like to be “friends with” (i.e. play the role of) Disney fur ...

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Cast Members Ignore Disney Rules and Share Scandalous Footage Online

illegal disney tiktok

Many Disney fans already know that Disney employees are on a strict NDA diet after being hired, especially if they are character performers who are “friends with” (i.e. playing the roles of) face characters like Cinderella or fur characters like Maui. The confidentiality and decorum aspects of these roles are taken very seriously, so much so that one former Cast ...

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Cast Members “Save the Day” After Incident Leaves Child “Screaming at the Top of Her Lungs”

disney cast members save child

Disney World cast members recently swooped in to help a family when their child was faced with a situation that left her “screaming at the top of her lungs.” Cast members are the heart and soul of the Disney experience. From being able to interact with them during character meet and greets and having wholesome moments with your favorite Disney ...

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Fans Debate Effects of Relaxed Disney Look Guidelines

Opinions on Disney Look Changes

In April 2021, The Walt Disney Company made headlines by announcing a significant change in its long-standing “Disney Look” policy. This standard has been intensely famous for setting professional guidelines for its cast members’ appearance. The move aimed to embrace inclusivity, diversity, and personal expression among its workforce. However, this bold shift has triggered a spectrum of responses among fans ...

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Disgusted Former Cast Member Discusses “Horrible” Night Shift Incident

disney cast member

It is no secret, in the Disney Fanatic community, that Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort employees (i.e. Cast Members) have some difficult jobs to do. Cast Members who greet Disney theme park guests have to contend with grumpy visitors, drunk visitors, and even violent visitors — not to mention theme park visitors who actually pose some legitimate security ...

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Disney Guest Suffers Shocking ‘Pandora’ Injury, Receives Little Help From Cast Member

disney world injuries

Walt Disney World Resort Guests often have unrealistically-high expectations and find their trips to be full of disappointing revelations — but this Guest’s “unhappy surprise” at the Animal Kingdom involved a bloody wound! “I Took a Chunk Out of My Elbow” In a post on the website called Reddit, a Disney World and Animal Kingdom Guest revealed that they were ...

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Infuriated Disney World Guest Shares Shocking Line Jumper Footage

disney line jumpers

Resellers, or line jumpers? If you ask Disney Fanatics and Disney Park fans which of these is worse,  you might be in for a long debate. Resellers are Disney Guests who hoard merchandise from Disney stores and sell the products online at extremely high markups, while line jumpers are essentially people who cut in line while waiting their turn for ...

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Former Cast Member Exposes “Goofy” Performers’ Secret

goofy disney character performer

It is no secret — at least in the Disney Fanatic community — that Disney character performers have some tough jobs in Disney theme parks worldwide. Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort character performers or Cast Members have shared plenty of behind-the-scenes stories exemplifying their struggles, and the employees who portray fur characters like Goofy or Mickey Mouse have ...

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“Faith Restored in the Disney Magic” Guest Shares Tear-Jerking Story of a Stranger’s Good Deed

Disneyland Magic

Negative experiences tend to stick with us. While rare at the customer-centric hubs of Walt Disney World and Disneyland, Guests had reported more unsavory encounters since the Parks reopened after months of closure when COVID-19 struck. With new policies to curtail crowds like Genie+, Lightning Lanes, Individual Lightning Lanes, and Virtual Queues, Disney has been a bit more complicated to ...

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Disney Throws Striking Cast Members the Ultimate “Office Pizza Party” Instead of Listening to Demands

DLP Yoga

For nearly two months, the typically-pristine curtain over Disneyland Paris has been lifted. With ongoing Cast Member strikes disrupting scheduled performances, blockading Guests out of the Park, and even clashing with security, Guests have seen Disney in a new light. Anyone who’s set foot in a Disney Park knows the Cast Members are the heartbeat of Disney. They’re not just ...

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