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Jobs We’d Totally Love At Walt Disney World – Sign Me Up!

Bubble Lady

Walt Disney World employees always seem to be having a good time, don’t they? With a positive attitude and a constant smile, cast members throughout Disney put an individual spin on “whistle why you work”—one that makes me want to be a part of the team someday. Do you ever dream of working at the place where dreams come true? ...

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Questions You Should Ask Upon Check-In at Your Disney World Resort Hotel

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Where else but at a Disney theme park can you find magical lands that celebrate the present, past, and future with fabulous entertainment, thrill rides, Disney characters, colorful parades, brilliant fireworks displays, a shopping and dining outdoor complex, and Disney-themed Hotel Resorts?  Walt Disney World in Florida is the second Disney Park built which opened in October, 1971, and in ...

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5 Amazing Perks Enjoyed By Disney Employees

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Disney employees, better known as cast members, are responsible for making all of the magic within the Disney parks. Whether it’s welcoming you ‘home’ to your Disney resort, creating the delicious meals in restaurants you dine in around property or granting you access to some of the most innovative attractions in the world, they are there to make sure your ...

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Disney University 101 – What It Is and Why You’ll Love It

Disney University

When you go on vacation to the most magical place on earth, you probably wonder how all of the cast members you interact with got so good at their roles. Just like any other job, cast members do go through extensive training before appearing ‘onstage’ to help make your vacation as magical as possible, but it’s very different from any ...

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Requirements of Walt Disney World Transportation Cast Members

Contemporary Resort Monorail

Ask any group of Disney fanatics what their dream job at Walt Disney World would be, and a great many would likely reply “monorail driver”. And why not? It’s an iconic position at the Disney resort that looks like a lot of fun. Disney World Transportation runs under the philosophy “getting there is part of the fun”. They do their ...

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9 Tips Walt Disney World Cast Members Want You To Know

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While Walt Disney World may be the happiest place on earth to guests, it may not always be like that for cast members. Many guests feel entitled to tons of ‘magic’ and castmembers are affected by the actions of guests making their day gloomy. While I am not a cast member myself, I have seen and heard frustration by them ...

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5 Inscrutable Requirements of Disney Food Service Cast Members

Food is an easy thing to come by at Walt Disney World. With three hundred and fifty-five different places to stop and curb your appetite, one can only imagine how many cast members it takes to run each place. From quick stop kiosks to upscale table service dining, the food and beverage cast members are made up of a certain ...

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8 Inscrutable Requirements For Being A Cast Member in Disney Parks

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Many Disney lovers know from their very first visit to the Disney World Resort that they will be returning for many more vacations over the course of their lives. The truly hardcore Disney fanatics however, know from their first moment in a Disney park that they never want to leave! It’s not enough for them to experience the magic – ...

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