Disney Line Jumpers – Guest Brings Attention to Widespread Problem

An image of the entrance to the "Peter Pan's Flight" ride in an amusement park at night. The sign is illuminated, and the area is decorated with colorful lights. Animated characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are featured in the foreground, appearing playful. Beware of Disney line jumpers!
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Resellers, or line jumpers? If you ask Disney Fanatics and Disney park fans which of these is worse,  you might be in for a long debate.

Resellers are Disney guests who hoard merchandise from Disney stores and sell the products online at extremely high markups, while line jumpers are essentially people who cut in line while waiting their turn for Disney rides or roller coasters.

Disney Line Jumpers or Merchandise Resellers – Which Is Worse?

Each Disney fan’s opinion will most likely depend on their own personal experiences with resellers or people who cut in line — but we can probably guess what this Walt Disney World Resort guest (who recently witnessed a shocking amount of line jumpers) would choose!

disney park guests line jumping

A TikTok user recently spoke out about line jumpers and the problems with line jumping in theme parks.

TikTok user @leeredwood recently shared a montage from their vacation in Walt Disney World, showing multiple line jumpers committing the offense.


@disneyworld why are you not hotter on this?? ????. This has happened EVERY day of our visit. It shouldnt be allowed to leave and rejoin the queue just to get food or let one member of yourparty queue and the rest join later. @UniversalStudiosOrlando and @Busch Gardens Tampa are wayyyy hotter on controlling this. #fyp #foryoupage #disney #queuejumpers #baddisney #justqueueit #holiday #florida #orlando

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“This Has Happened EVERY Day”

The Disney World guest called out Walt Disney World Resort and its cast members for ignoring the problem. “Why are you not hotter on this??,” they asked. “This has happened EVERY day of our visit.”

“It shouldn’t be allowed to leave and rejoin the queue just to get food or let one member of your party queue and the rest join later,” the angry Disney guest added passionately. 

“It’s so frustrating…and the cast members just shrug,” they added in an additional comment. Of course, we must bear in mind that (according to this source) Cast Members might just have their own more subtle ways of getting revenge on line jumpers.

Disney Guests

Credit: Amy Humphries via Unsplash

Shade, Officially Thrown

The disgruntled Disney visitor also threw some additional shade at Walt Disney World Resort by praising its competitors, pointing out that Universal Studios Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa “are wayyyy hotter on controlling this.”

We’ve seen far worse behavior from Disney Guests than cutting in line — but still, seeing someone else jump in line ahead of you can certainly be irritating, even if it’s not as bad as mutilation or assault!

What has your experience been like with line jumpers? Do you think that they are better or worse than resellers — and on your Disney vacations, have cast members done anything helpful when someone cuts in line? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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