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Infuriated Disney World Guest Shares Shocking Line Jumper Footage

disney line jumpers

Resellers, or line jumpers? If you ask Disney Fanatics and Disney Park fans which of these is worse,  you might be in for a long debate. Resellers are Disney Guests who hoard merchandise from Disney stores and sell the products online at extremely high markups, while line jumpers are essentially people who cut in line while waiting their turn for ...

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Resellers Physically Intimidate Other Disney Customers


The people known as “resellers” have always been a thorn in the side of businesses, but Walt Disney World Resort fans are particularly irritated by resellers since Disney merchandise is a common target for reselling (or, in some recent cases, outright copying). Now, resellers seem to be even more prickly than usual — perhaps because Walt Disney World Resort has ...

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Copycats Replace Resellers As Threat To Disney


Almost any fan of Disney merchandise will be familiar with the concept of resellers. Resellers are people who, essentially, stock up on limited-edition or hard-to-find commemorative memorabilia or merchandise from Disney events in order to sell them at high markups online later. Stopping resellers in their tracks is tricky business, and many Disney fans grow irate at the mere mention ...

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Resellers Enrage Disney Guests and Hoard Products Again

disneyland paris monopoly game

The dreaded Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Disneyland Paris Resort resellers are at it again! One Disney Park has just brought out a special new version of Monopoly — and, predictably, it did not take long for resellers to swoop in and stock up on the in-demand board game. Resellers are people who, essentially, deliberately buy large quantities ...

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Resellers Hoard Piles of In-Demand Disney Replicas


Resellers are at it again! Many Disney fans might feel like they have a lot of Disney-related enemies these days, such as increased prices, badly-behaved Disney Park Guests, and Disney CEO Bob Chapek or Disney Chairman Josh D’Amaro. However, Disney Fanatics also have a bone to pick with resellers — and apparently, this reseller problem extends beyond Walt Disney World ...

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Disney Fans Demand Lifetime Bans for ‘Resellers’

disney resellers banned

It is no secret among ardent Disney Fanatics that exclusive, limited-edition Disney merchandise — particularly commemorative Disney merchandise that can only be purchased during certain Disney events, like the 40th anniversary of the Disney Park EPCOT or the 50th anniversary of the entire Walt Disney World Resort — is very much in high demand. However, the Disney dynamic involving merchandise ...

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Resellers Strike Again During EPCOT’s Anniversary

epcot resellers

Walt Disney World Resort Guest behavior has gotten worse and worse (as has the behavior of Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Paris Resort Guests), but some Disney Guests have been spotted doing something that their fellow Disney fans and theme park Guests find particularly upsetting: purchasing Disney merchandise and reselling it for profit. The 40th anniversary of the EPCOT Disney Park ...

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Scalpers Use Fake Baby to Beat Disney Park’s Merchandise Limits

Disney Merchandise Resellers

Ask any Disney Park Guest or Passholder, and he or she will probably have a story about how somebody “beat the system” or got caught trying. Normally those stories include people doing something widely considered distasteful, like trying to take advantage of disability access to skip long lines. But we at Disney Fanatic found one story that we find over-the-top ...

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Guests Left Frustrated as Resellers Stock Up Disney Park Anniversary Merchandise

Disney Park Resellers

Merchandise reselling as been a problem at Disney theme parks (and for retailers in general) for a number of years, and limited edition and event-specific merchandise created for Guests at Disney Parks has only caused the practice to increase. Despite efforts by Disney to limit the number of items a single Guest can purchase, resellers continue to make their way ...

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