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Resellers Physically Intimidate Other Disney Customers


The people known as “resellers” have always been a thorn in the side of businesses, but Walt Disney World Resort fans are particularly irritated by resellers since Disney merchandise is a common target for reselling (or, in some recent cases, outright copying).

Now, resellers seem to be even more prickly than usual — perhaps because Walt Disney World Resort has started to crack down on their hoarding of merchandise and apparel — and now resellers are actually physically intimidating other Disney customers!

resellers at disneyland paris

Resellers are essentially people who might do something dubious (like be a reseller, but pose as an undercover tourist) to stock up on Disney merchandise and resell it at high markups. They are held in low esteem by many Disney fans.

In a TikTok video shared by @disneyalwaysdisney, alleged resellers can be seen stocking up on an in-demand Winnie the Pooh fleece jacket at the Disney store called World of Disney. People are crowding the shelves and physically keeping other customers from grabbing any of the Winnie the Pooh jackets in the Disney store.


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Disney fans were, as usual, irritated upon seeing yet another video showing alleged resellers hoarding Disney merchandise or apparel from a Disney store. “Don’t you just *love* resellers,” one TikTok wrote. Some Disney fans were reaching out to ask other fans about other locations for the Winnie the Pooh clothing, and according to one Disney Guest, “you can also find these in the gift shop at the grand Californian.”
“There was a lot since not a lot of people know about it,” the TikTok user wrote. However, resellers are clearly persistent — and evidently shameless when it comes to using physical intimidation to protect their hoards — so perhaps we’ll be seeing footage of a similar incident in the Grand Californian soon, too!
resellers at epcot

Resellers struck again during the EPCOT anniversary.

Are you a Walt Disney World Resort Guest or Disney fan who has had a negative experience with resellers while trying to buy Disney merchandise, apparel, or memorabilia?
Do you think that Walt Disney World’s new tactics will actually be effective against resellers who hoard commemorative memorabilia and sell it at high markups?

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