Resellers Enrage Disney Guests and Hoard Products Again

disneyland paris monopoly game

The dreaded Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Disneyland Paris Resort resellers are at it again! One Disney Park has just brought out a special new version of Monopoly — and, predictably, it did not take long for resellers to swoop in and stock up on the in-demand board game.

Resellers are people who, essentially, deliberately buy large quantities of in-demand Disney merchandise, products, apparel, or commemorative memorabilia (such as, for example, the souvenirs from the recent EPCOT anniversary in Walt Disney World Resort). Resellers stock up on the products — particularly limited edition products — and then sell them online on websites like eBay at very high markups.

resellers at epcot

Resellers struck again during the EPCOT anniversary.

Apparently, Disney does typically try to discourage this behavior by limiting the number of products someone can buy in a transaction — but this is easily circumvented, since resellers will simply ask family members to buy the rest of the products, or will head to a different Disney store to buy more, or — as evidenced by the report that has come from Disneyland Paris Resort recently — will use multiple credit cards to buy their desired amount of merchandise.

According to the Twitter account called DLP Report, which focuses on Disneyland Paris Resort, “The Disneyland Paris Monopoly game seems to get back in stock each morning. Guests can buy 2 per transaction but unclear for how long as people were buying 12 by using 6 cards consecutively.”

You can see pictures of the Disneyland Paris Monopoly game in the Tweet shown above!

So far, Disneyland Paris Resort stockists have not run out of the Disneyland Paris Monopoly board game — but with resellers to contend with, who knows how long that will last? If you have a strong interest in this piece of unique Disney merchandise, then you might want to get a move on and seek out the board game as soon as possible!

Resellers also made a negative impact on many Disney Guests and Disney fans’ experiences recently by hoarding EPCOT anniversary memorabilia and a very popular Haunted Mansion replica. Many Disney fans have actually been encouraging Disney to instate lifetime bans for resellers.

resellers at disneyland paris

Resellers are held in low esteem by many Disney fans.

Have you ever paid a lot of money for a limited-edition and hard-to-find Disney product after resellers hoarded the stock?

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