Disney Fans Demand Lifetime Bans for ‘Resellers’

disney resellers banned

It is no secret among ardent Disney Fanatics that exclusive, limited-edition Disney merchandise — particularly commemorative Disney merchandise that can only be purchased during certain Disney events, like the 40th anniversary of the Disney Park EPCOT or the 50th anniversary of the entire Walt Disney World Resort — is very much in high demand.

However, the Disney dynamic involving merchandise and supply and demand has led to a problem that many Disney fans and Disney Park Guests are particularly upset about: resellers. Resellers are essentially people who buy large quantities of limited-edition Disney merchandise (including products like apparel and souvenirs) in order to later sell all of the exclusive hard-to-get products at a higher markup than the products’ original prices.

Resellers have been a thorn in many Disney Fanatics’ sides, since many Disney fans place a high value on commemorative Disney merchandise and Disney products that are hard to find but can’t necessarily afford to buy the products or souvenirs at the high prices that Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort resellers are demanding.

One alleged reseller was spotted buying large quantities of Disney apparel during the 40th anniversary of the EPCOT Disney Park recently (see the Tweet shown above).

Although the alleged reseller’s face was hidden in the original photo on Twitter, Disney fans are now protesting and asking that the reseller not only be identified, but also hit with a lifetime ban from Disney — and these same Disney fans also seem to be encouraging that Disney hit all resellers with lifetime bans.

“Don’t hide their faces. We should see these blatant resellers and report them,” one Twitter user said in the Tweet shown above. “They need to get a job, not steal the dreams of children looking for the magic. Soulless greed”.

“Somebody give that lady in this photo a lifetime ban for being a reseller!” another Disney fan declared in the Tweet shown below.

Do you agree that resellers should face lifetime bans from Disney Parks or Disney Resorts, and that they are exhibiting “soulless greed” by circumventing Disney’s rules against purchasing large quantities of in-demand items?


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