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Elon Musk’s Gina Carano Lawsuit Found a Loophole to Stick It To Disney

Gina Carano and Elon Musk

On the surface, actress Gina Carano’s lawsuit against the Walt Disney Company seems to be a pretty cut-and-dry First Amendment issue. Carano is alleging that Disney fired her from The Mandalorian over comments she made comparing conservatives in America to Jews during the Holocaust. Related: Gina Carano Suing Disney/LucasFilm, Funded by Elon Must and X Carano has the freedom of speech right ...

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‘A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing,’ Disney Grandchildren Step Up To Save The Company

Florida filming incentives Disney

Abigail Disney has long been one of the outspoken critics of Disney CEO Bob Iger. She called him “out of touch,” and “disappointing,” and accused him of leaving the planet for two years, only to not understand the world her returned to. However, with the Walt Disney Company facing a proxy battle from activist investor Nelson Peltz for Abigail Disney ...

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Some Believe This is One of the “Biggest Reasons for Disney’s Failure”

disney movies failure

Fans discussed what they believed to be some of the biggest reasons for Disney movies’ and shows’ recent failures. It’s no secret that the Walt Disney Company has been struggling lately both at the box office and online. In fact, many (Disney included) have noted how the company’s theatrical performances and streaming service numbers have not been up to par ...

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Man Behind Disney’s Increasingly Diverse Live-Actions Walks Away

sean bailey disney

Disney’s motion picture production president, Sean Bailey, will be stepping away from the role he’s held for a decade and a half. In yet another massive shakeup for the Walt Disney Company (it seems like they’re going through a rather large number of these), another senior executive will be stepping away from his role—though this time, it doesn’t appear that ...

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Critics Accuse “Evil” Disney of “Creating Revolution,” “Spreading Propaganda and Lies”

disney criticisms propaganda

The latest from critics online has Disney “spreading propaganda and lies,” “creating a revolution,” and more in the United States. The Walt Disney Company has been facing criticism from various parties about its policies and actions as a company for a few years now. Whether it’s Disney speaking out about the “Don’t Say Gay” law (known officially as Florida Gov. ...

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Disney Cast Member Who Suffered Life-Threatening Injury Has Great News & Is Reaching Out to Her Fans in Gratitude

Stacia Olson Disney On Ice

A Disney cast member who suffered a devastating fall earlier this month is an inspiration as she recovers from a life-threatening accident that took place during a performance earlier this month. Though most of the general public had never heard of her before mid-February this year, Disney cast member Anastasia Olson has been bringing people together–Disney fans and non-fans alike–and ...

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Obscene, Racy Trend Takes Over Disney World

Inappropriate shirts blurred out

The Central Florida Disney parks are busier than ever, with millions of guests visiting Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs each year. With so many diverse visitors, culture clashes are unavoidable–but in a rare moment of unity this week, a dress code debate united hundreds of Walt Disney World Resort fans from different ...

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Disney Developing a Live-Action ‘Princess and the Frog’ Remake? Here’s What We Know.

live action princess and the frog rumors

It’s no secret that The Walt Disney Company is currently pushing a live-action-centric agenda. Could The Princess and the Frog (2009) be next in line for the remake treatment? Here’s what we know. In 2009, Disney released the stunning animated film The Princess and the Frog. The movie starred Anika Noni Rose as the voice of Tiana, a young woman living ...

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Disney/ABC Sued For Violating Crew Members’ Religious Freedom

Disney vaccine mandate

In recent years, the Walt Disney Company has run afoul of many conservatives. It started with Disney’s feud with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and continued last week as former advisor to Donald Trump, Stephen Miller, sued Disney, claiming it discriminated against white people.  But now, Disney finds itself in the middle of another controversy. A Los Angeles judge ruled that ...

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“Can’t Accept Accountability for Their Own Actions”: Some Think Disney Exec Who Blamed Fans for Company Failures “Must Be a Woman”

disney marvel star wars failures

In what is certainly an interesting turn of events, some took a shot at the Disney executive who blamed fans for Disney’s recent failures. It’s no secret that the Walt Disney Company has had a difficult time lately finding box office success with its films, no matter which franchise it’s from. Whether it’s Indiana Jones, any Marvel Studios release, or ...

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