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The Sense and Science Behind Disney Scents

Scents at Disney cover

Smells have the transcending power to send people back in time. We’ve all experienced that moment when a sudden whiff of a nostalgic scent overtakes us, instantly transporting us to a time, place, moment, or experience from our past. The Walt Disney Company understands well the connective bond that exists between memories and smells. And being in the business of ...

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Disney Park FINALLY Announces Reopening Date

Shanghai Disneyland Reopening

After suffering yet another covid-blamed shutdown, Disney’s youngest Theme Park will finally reopen next week. As part of CCP President Xi Jinping’s “Covid Zero” initiative, Shanghai Disneyland was closed because one person who had visited the Theme Park recently tested positive for covid-19. The most recent closing, which occurred on October 31, was thrown into chaos as police did not ...

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Bob Iger Sends Thanksgiving Message as Disney CEO

Bob Iger Thanksgiving

Bob Iger has sent his first tweet in over two years as CEO of The Walt Disney Company, and it was a Thanksgiving greeting to all Disney Cast Members and employees. The Disney icon said, “Giving thanks today to family, friends, and all of my new fellow employees and cast members @WaltDisneyCo. It was always a privilege work with all ...

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Disney Unlikely to Become Less “Woke” Under Iger

Bob Iger Woke Disney

As the news of Bob Chapek’s sudden departure moved across the internet, many outlets credited his firing to how he drove Disney to become “woke” and eventually “broke.” But, unfortunately for them, it is highly unlikely that The Walt Disney Company will become any less leftist or “woke” under Iger. The difference will be that Iger will be able to ...

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Three Things Disney Fans Owe to Bob Chapek

Bob Chapek Disney Accomplishments

The short yet poignant Chapek Era of The Walt Disney Company is finally coming to an end, and many Disney fans and investors are in a period of rejoicing. And while many of us are happy to see Disney give its short-lived CEO the door, there are a few things that we need to thank Chapek for doing while he ...

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Report: Chapek Ousted by Rebellion from Within

Bob Chapek Firing

As more details continue to come to light surrounding the sudden departure of now-former Disney CEO Bob Chapek, we have now learned that it was the result of “festering discontent” among the top executives and investors, suggesting that, while the fans were left reeling, an actual rebellion occurred from within. Chapek will arguably be remembered for how he almost immediately ...

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Iger Was Not Disney’s First Pick for New CEO, They Were

Disney CEO Options

As Bob Iger gets reacquainted with his position as CEO of The Walt Disney Company, it has been revealed that the board of directors did not initially look to the former leader for a suitable replacement to the floundering Bob Chapek. According to The New York Times, the board came up with a few options both inside and outside the company. NYT reports ...

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Chapek’s CFO, Christine McCarthy, Likely Safe at Disney

Christine McCarthy Disney

When one thinks about the “Chapek Era” of The Walt Disney Company, four key people come to mind: Now-former Disney CEO Bob Chapek, Distribution Chairman Kareem Daniel, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro, and Disney CFO Christine McCarthy. Over the last 24 hours, two of those four key characters have already been shown the door. Last night it started with Chapek, ...

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Disney: Bob Chapek Fired “Without Cause”

Bob Chapek Firing

The Walt Disney Company released more information regarding its firing of now-former CEO Bob Chapek on Monday, November 21, and it appears that the board of directors did not find him in breach of his contract. According to a report submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Disney shared the following: “The Company exercised its right to terminate ...

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