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Cast Members Lash Out at Line-Jumpers in Sneaky New Way

Talking to Cast Members
Credit: Disney

There are many negative factors in a Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, or international Disney theme park vacation that avid Disney fans can easily point out.

Rising prices, long ride wait times, low-quality meals, and abysmal behavior from other Disney Park Guests all top the list of Disney Guest complaints — but when it comes to that last grievance, there is one type of Guest behavior that Disney fans have a special hatred for!

Cutting in line, or “line jumping” in the line for a Disney ride, is considered to be a cardinal sin in the world of Disney theme parks.

One can safely assume that, for as long as there have been lines in theme parks, there have also always been people who are tempted to steal someone else’s place in line and get to the desired ride or attraction faster than everyone else.

Mickey In Line Frustrated

Most of the time, “line jumpers” are looked on with contempt and frustration but never reprimanded in any tangible way. Now, however, we are getting reports that Disney Park Cast Members are starting to treat Guests who cut in line with harsher and harsher treatment!

In Walt Disney World Resort recently, Cast Members were spotted not only turning line jumpers away once they got to the front of ride lines, but also deliberately (and somewhat deviously) allowing the line jumpers to stay in line all the way up until that point before kicking them out, meaning that they managed to waste the maximum amount of the line jumpers’ time.

Now, it looks like Cast Members are adopting the same sneaky response when Disneyland Guests cause trouble in lines all the way across the country!

A Disneyland Guest just revealed in the Reddit post shown below that, while waiting in line for Radiator Springs Racers, “a group of kids…snuck into Lightning lane”. The Guest revealed that they “had heard a cast member warn another group of kids that if they jumped into the other line they’d be kicked out”.

The tale of the line cutters
byu/pretzelcastle117 inDisneyland


This warning was not an empty one, apparently, and “sure enough, as soon as the kids snuck over, they shortly walked back the other way with forlorn faces.”

“Cheaters do not win today,” the Guest wrote smugly.

no offseason at Walt Disney World

Credit: Facebook

Many other Disney fans praised the Cast Members’ swift and firm methods for handling Disney Guests who cut ahead in lines — including children — and expressed a desire to see more of this toughness coming from Cast Members.

Have you noticed Cast Members cracking down on line jumpers lately in the Disney Parks?

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