‘Line Jumpers’ Enrage Disney Guests Again

disney line queue line jumping

The discontent among Disney Fanatics only seems to be rising as Guests in Disney Parks and Disney Resorts worldwide express disappointment in their Disney experiences and overall customer experience — particularly when it comes to negative customer experiences involving the misbehavior of other Guests who are seeking some Disney magic.

One particular problem faced by Disney Guests has just reared its head again in the form of line jumpers! These are Disney Guests who, essentially, cut lines. Cutting the line and moving to a spot in the line that is ahead of your own, or jumping ahead in the line and saving a spot for both yourself and your family, is often seen as an unethical and morally questionable move.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Cosmic Rewind is a popular Disney World roller coaster that often has long lines or wait times due to its status as a new EPCOT ride. Credit: Disney

Even though the stakes are low, since this is just an irritation for Guests in a theme park, it is still something that inconveniences and irks many Disney Guests (particularly since Disney Guests and Disney Cast Members are already feeling particularly disillusioned by their Disney experiences).

disney park guests line jumping

A TikTok user recently spoke out about line jumpers and the problems with line jumping in theme parks.

Many Disney Guests have taken to Reddit to share their own thoughts on “line jumping,” especially since the offense is specifically mentioned on the Walt Disney World Resort website as a negative action. Apparently, many Disney Guests have seen their fellow Guests jumping lines in surprisingly large groups!

“It’s only ok when a minority of the group needs to cut, no more than 3-4 people as well,” one Guest commented on the Reddit discussion. “If it’s 7 people trying to get up to 2 people, IMO, those 2 people can move back to the larger group.”

Another Guest agreed that “a couple people” was really “no big deal”, but that “7 people joining their group late to go on Dumbo, with only 2 of the late joiners being children (meaning they will take up a LOT of the elephants), really ticked me off. If you have a group of 13, and half of your group is late, just wait for everyone before getting in line.”

star wars cast members evacuation

Cast Members recently supervised a long line of waiting Disney Guests when a Star Wars ride broke down. Long lines are common in Disney Parks.

Another Disney fan pointed out an interesting observation: most of the offenders that they see line jumping are adults (in some cases, Disney Adults). “The weird thing is I almost never see anyone leaving the line, just dozens of people pushing their way through to find their group (if they have their group at all) and it’s almost never little kids,” the Disney Guest wrote.

This Guest also recommended that Disney begin handing out bathroom passes to Guests who leave the line for restroom use in order to “stop the obvious line-hopping.”

Have you seen any line-jumping in action on a Disney vacation at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, or further abroad in Shanghai Disneyland Resort or Disneyland Paris Resort?

Have you ever had to cut the line on a Disney ride or Disney attraction due to a restroom break, and found that you have been accused of being a line jumper — and do you think that line jumpers are more common at Universal Orlando than they are at Disneyland? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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