Former Cast Member Shares Conflict About Supporting ‘Post-Pandemic Disney’

Former Disney World Cast Member

It seems like it is quickly becoming a Tale of Two Disneys. The Pre-Pandemic Disney and the Post-Pandemic Disney. And the further we Fanatics get from the lockdowns and mandated limitations, the clearer we are beginning to see Disney Parks and the rest of The Walt Disney Company for what it is going to be for, at least, the near future.


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As would-be Guests and Cast Members alike accept this “new normal,” conflicted feelings abound.

One self-described former Cast Member took to the Disney World subreddit to share his or her feelings on the changes.

The poster said,

I’m sure other former CMs & guests can relate with this love/hate relationship with TWDC. I grew up going to Disney World in FL and have many core memories there from the 90s & 2000s. I had the opportunity to work as a CM both pre and post pandemic. Now that I have left the company I feel such a deep conflict within myself. Having so many memories there, but also seeing the dark side of a money hungry corporation who treats their cast less than favorable. I struggle with wanting to visit, but not wanting to give them my $$. Especially post pandemic with prices going up and experiences/perks being taken away. I feel I am holding on to memories of a place that doesn’t exist anymore

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Whether it is in the Theme Park experience or the studios’ emphasis on reboots and remakes, it can be argued that sentiment and nostalgia are playing a significant part in The Walt Disney Company’s repeat business as “new stuff” struggles to catch momentum. If so, the question becomes how strong is the love of a past Disney strong enough to tolerate the Disney we have today?

Meanwhile, Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek insists that the company is dedicated to providing the best Theme Park experience for everyone and to continue catering to its audience.

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