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Disney World Guests Report Roller Coaster Assaults

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Credits: Disney

Many hardcore Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort fans associate the Disney theme parks with “Disney magic” — which does still pop up once in a while, despite the onslaught of controversies that are currently encircling the Walt Disney Company.

However, the Disney theme parks are also places where, by default, large crowds of people from all over the world (and with all kinds of ethically-dubious intentions) can gather.

We have heard some pretty disturbing stories from Disney Guests about harassment and theft in Disney theme parks like the Magic Kingdom (not to mention fistfights and mutilation!), and now we have just learned that sexual assault has allegedly been happening on Disney roller coasters!

Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror Credit: Disney

More than one Disney World Guest has claimed that they were groped or assaulted by other ride passengers while roller coasters were running their course.

Same Tower, Different Kind of Terror

Reddit user u/laceteapixie has reported that her cousin was groped by a man on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror; when the two girls sat in their row, the male stranger abruptly left his group behind to sit with them.

The man then proceeded to “[apologize] in advance for being unable to control his hands and arms” — and as soon as the ride began, the male Disney Guest began groping the Reddit user’s cousin’s chest.

byu/JBAnswers26 from discussion

Apparently, the victim could do nothing but try to lean closer to her cousin throughout the course of the drop ride, in an effort to get away from the man who was assaulting her. Now, according to u/laceteapixie, her relative always avoids sitting in vulnerable positions like the middle seat on theme park roller coasters.

Another Disney Guest reported a disturbingly similar experience on Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain in the Animal Kingdom theme park.


Credit: Disney

Apparently, Redditor u/meowmeowbinks was assaulted by a man who used the roller coaster as an excuse to slip his hands under her shirt and grope her.

byu/JBAnswers26 from discussion

A Shockingly Rude Cast Member

The victim realized that she “was just assaulted” when they left the ride, and she headed straight to Disney World security. The girl and her mother also spoke with the Orange County police department; however, after spending half of their day on the report, the victim recalls that Disney staff were not being very helpful.

“I will never forget the Disney rep looking at me and saying ‘ok so what are you looking for now at this moment’,” she wrote, “and I said something like ‘to not have to be close to people not in my family right now’ and the guy gave me an exasperated sigh and basically accused me of trying to get ‘free’ fast passes.”

Later on that day, the Animal Kingdom visitor actually saw her assailant on a Disney bus and drew attention to him loudly. The man sprinted away as soon as the bus stopped.

“I Wish These Creeps Would Understand”

“I’m so sorry that happened to you,” the cousin of the Tower of Terror victim said in a message to the Expedition Everest victim. “This kind of situation is just horrible to experience, but I’m glad you got to call him out. My cousin still feels uncomfortable in her body because of what he did. I wish these creeps would understand the lasting effect they can cause on people.”

Are you uncomfortable on theme park roller coasters if you have to sit close to strangers on them (especially since Disney security has just taken a big hit)? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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