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Disneyland’s New ‘Fairy Godfather’ Spends $750 to Give Away Free Mickey Ears

Kurt Tocci disney ears
Photo Credits: Screenshots from @kurttocci video

It seems safe to say that the Walt Disney Company has been facing a great deal of bad publicity lately (does Disney CEO Bob Iger and the WGA writers’ strike ring a bell?), but sometimes classic Disney magic can still be found in the Disney Parks themselves within Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

“Making People Smile”

We’ve gotten a few glimpses of that Disney magic in recent months, but one standout magical experience happened when an influential TikToker spent almost $800 on lightsabers earlier this year — and that same generous TikToker has just done something similar again!

Kurt Tocci is a TikToker and content creator who is known for his positive demeanor, charitable acts, hilarious Disney videos, and what he calls his “niche”: ‘”making people smile.”


Kurt Tocci is a Disney fan who is known for his charitable acts and his comical videos. He is shown here portraying Disney characters on a treadmill. Photo Credits: Screenshots from @kurttocci video

A Charitable Party Trick

Kurt Tocci appeared in Walt Disney World Resort earlier this year, and shared footage of an enormous Star Wars lightsaber purchase.

Tocci spent almost $800 on souvenir lightsabers, then proceeded to hand them out for free to any other Disney Guests who wanted them in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort!

Disney Guests young and old were all visibly touched by Tocci’s generosity (as you can see here), and now the Disney fan is repeating his charitable party trick across the country in Disneyland Resort — but not with lightsabers this time!

kurt tocci being saluted by character from star wars movie

Kurt Tocci is a Disney fan who is known for his charitable acts and his comical videos about Disney movies or Disney characters. Photo Credits: @kurttocci and Disney

Almost $800 For Accessories?

Tocci spent around the same amount of money on his gifts this time around (an exorbitant amount of money, as plenty of disgruntled Disney fans pointed out due to overarching complaints about Disney’s rising prices), but he proceeded to purchase almost two dozen pairs of Mickey Mouse ears and Minnie Mouse ears.

The ears ranged from Little Mermaid ears to Captain America ears!


Giving out EARS to the EAR-LESS! 🏰😃 #disneyland #disney #mickeyears #fun #surprise #pov #actofkindness #free #cute #kids #wholesome #trending #viral #foryou #fyp

♬ original sound – Kurt Tocci


Some budget-conscious Disney Guests said no to Kurt’s offer at first, then did a prompt about-face as soon as they heard the word “free”!

Kurt spent $754.03 on these Mickey Mouse ears and Minnie Mouse ears, but he made it clear on his TikTok page that giving back in ways like this is a crucial part of his success as an online content creator.

Guests at Disney World

Credit: Disney

“And that, folks, is what we call magic,” Tocci concluded at the end of his heartwarming TikTok montage (shown above).

Were you in Disneyland on July 19, when Tocci was in Disneyland handing out these ears?

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