Hilarious Viral Video Shows Disney Characters On The Run

Kurt Tocci portraying Disney characters on a treadmill. Photo Credits: Screenshots from @kurttocci video

We’ve already seen Disney princesses’ workout routines and Marvel superheroes’ routines in the gym — but now one Disney fan is bringing back the Disney fitness trend by showcasing a variety of classic Disney characters’ hilarious attempts to use a treadmill! 

The Disney influencer and content creator Kurt Tocci has shared a humorous video of characters like Gaston, Aurora the Sleeping Beauty, and Captain Jack Sparrow hard at work on a treadmill in a gym. The video was first shared early in February, but it continues to remain viral and is approaching 900,000 likes from Instagram viewers!

Take a look at the comical Instagram video — which features a wide variety of good-quality Disney costumes that this well-known Disney costume enthusiast is sure to envy (especially the “wildcats tracksuit”, which he has already asked Tocci for details about in the comments) — further below! 

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In the video from Instagram, we can see Kurt Tocci portraying Disney princes like Aladdin and Hercules, as well as male Disney protagonists (or Disney villains) like Lumiere, Tarzan, Buzz Lightyear, Gaston, Troy Bolton (the Zac Efron character from the High School Musical films, complete with Wildcats basketball jersey), Woody, and the ever-popular pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.


Orlando Bloom as Will Turner and Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl’ Credit: Disney

Tocci even pretends to be Peter Pan midflight and brings the Magic Carpet for a ride on the treadmill! With the costumes, comedic timing, and spot-on physical impressions of Disney characters in this video, it is no wonder that the post from this content creator about “the happiest workout on Earth” has gone viral this February.

Kurt Tocci makes his fondness for Disney clear on his social media accounts (particularly his Youtube channel) and has developed a substantial following online. 


Tarzan Credit: Disney

Not everyone loves seeing Disney influencers during their trips to the Disney Parks, but judging by this video’s viral success, many Disney fans do enjoy watching Disney influencers’ content when it’s online instead of in their face! 

Do you enjoy seeing Disney characters like Disney princesses or Disney villains portrayed in more modern settings like this — or on even more extreme levels like this — or would you rather just see them portrayed in their usual animated films (or, if you’re a more openminded Disney Fanatic, their live-action adaptations)? 

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