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Content Creator Entertains Fans With Uncanny Disney Transformations


If you’re a fan of Disney, Disney costumes, and British humor, then you may have already heard of the Youtuber and social media content creator known as Mr. Thomas English. As a former English teacher and ardent Disney fan, English has become more and more well-known on social media for his hilarious Disney princess compilations and his humorous videos about English versus American lifestyles. 

English often combines his love for Disney with his funny commentary on the differences between English and American behavior, creating videos such as “If the Little Mermaid Was Set in England” and Love Island: Disney Edition.” One other theme that the ‘Englishman’ is becoming known for, however, is his impressive stash of Disney princess costumes!

English often dresses up as Disney princesses, Disney villains, Disney princes, or characters like Mrs. Potts. The “costume content creator” is described on his Youtube channel as an “ex-English, English teacher, living in the U.S..”

In a new series from English called “Disney Princesses: Expectation Versus Reality,” the former English teacher has wowed his audiences again with some spot-on renditions of iconic Disney princess costumes!

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The name of the series seems to imply that the contrast between the images of the princesses and English’s costumes is meant to be funny, but instead of responding to the series with humor, some Disney and English fans are simply impressed by the content creator’s accurate portrayals of the Disney princesses! 

In the first part of this comical series, Thomas English is seen dressed up and posing as Ariel the little mermaid, Snow White, Princess Tiana, Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty), and Rapunzel. In the second part, shown below, English poses as Cinderella, Queen Anna, Elsa, Merida, and Belle. 

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It only takes a few moments of browsing the former English teacher and current content creator’s social media pages to see that Thomas English puts a great deal of effort into his Disney costumes and portrayals of Disney characters.

Whether English is dressing as a Disney villain, Disney princess, or Disney sidekick, his makeup is always spot on! English even goes the distance (Hercules pun intended) when it comes to wigs and accurate costumes. If you’re in need of some costume party or Halloween party inspiration, his videos provide plenty of great visuals!   

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The English content creator also just released a fun video of “If Disney Princesses Sang ‘Flowers'”, which is the newest song by singer and former Disney darling Miley Cyrus.

We have seen plenty of negative news coming from social media influencers these days when it comes to Disney, so light and cheerful content like English’s social media posts are proving to be very refreshing for many Disney enthusiasts or Walt Disney World Resort fans! 

Are you a Walt Disney World Resort or Disney movie fan who has already come across some funny videos from this costume content creator, and been impressed by his knack for transforming into Disney characters? 

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