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It will be no surprise to many Walt Disney World Resort Guests or Disneyland Resort Guests to hear that social media influencers (such as TikTokers) have been irritating, inconveniencing, or sometimes downright harassing other people (including Disney staff like Cast Members) while filming content in the Disney Parks.

Granted, there have been plenty of other Disney Guests who are not influencers and who have still been disruptive or confrontational during their Disney vacations — but influencers are remarkably open about their bad behavior, even often going so far as to share their own footage of confrontations or infractions!

In a conversation on the website called Reddit about social media influencers’ bad behavior, a Reddit user named u/ZenrayX revealed that they had witnessed some uncouth behavior from an influencer in one of Disney World and EPCOT’s newest restaurants: Space 220.

Space 220 Restaurant

Space 220 is a restaurant in the EPCOT Disney Park within Walt Disney World Resort. The other three Disney Parks and theme parks are the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.  / Courtesy of Disney

Space 220 is a table service restaurant that is meant to mimic a genuine intergalactic experience. The EPCOT restaurant has two types of reservations — and as any hardened Disney fan knows, reservations are crucial for any particularly in-demand restaurants during a Disney vacation!

Space 220’s reservation system involves both prix fixe and Space 220 lounge reservations and menus, with the prix fix menu allowing for views of “Earth” from the windows. The lounge area, meanwhile, is closer to the bar and features a different a la carte menu.

Obviously, the seating near the windows is the bigger draw — and when an unnamed social media influencer headed to Space 220, they apparently found their reserved seats to be unsatisfactory.

Space 220 Space Glazed Chicken Breast

Credit: Space 220

According to the Reddit user who first mentioned the interaction, the Disney influencer “demanded” that they be moved to a more centrally-located seat “because covering parks for the community is their job,” even though “they had already been seated and told the tables they were referring to were for other reservations.”

“Cool, and telling you where you can and can’t sit is my job,” another Reddit user wrote in response, presumably pretending to be the Space 220 staff member from customer service who had to deal with the influencer.

byu/bayls215 from discussion

We have seen a drastic increase in bad behavior from Disney Guests as of late, so much so that a documentary is being made about the unpleasant phenomenon! Have you seen Disney influencers behave particularly badly in the Disney Parks, or are you disillusioned by the behavior of all Disney Guests, not just social media influencers or TikTokers who visit Disney theme parks like the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT in Walt Disney World Resort?

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