Disney World Cracks Down Further On Influencers And TikTokers


Walt Disney World Resort has begun cracking down on disruptive or problematic Disney Park Guests — including resellers who aggressively hoard Disney merchandise and drunk or confrontational Disney Guests — since Disney Park visitors’ behavior in Walt Disney World continues to reach new lows (so much so that a documentary is actually being made about the unpleasant phenomenon).

Although we have seen that (occasionally) Disney Guests who are social media influencers can actually do some good for the occasional Cast Member, we have also seen that they are more likely to disrupt events, break rules, and irritate other Disney Park Guests — not to mention harass Disney Cast Members — in their quest for higher engagement rates or clicks.


Another TikToker was “dress coded” recently for supposedly wearing a revealing outfit in the Disney Parks and sparking some online controversy.

Since visual content like videos and photos (not to mention livestreams) are a big part of social media influencers’ work on platforms like TikTok or Instagram, there are obviously more and more Disney Guests who are blatantly filming every minute of their Disney vacations.

This also includes Disney rides — which can of course be risky business, not just for safety reasons but also for the safety of people’s devices (especially if they make like this Disney Legend and take out their phones on water rides).


Josh Gad recently took out his phone on the Splash Mountain ride for a quick video, despite the risk of drenching the device.

Disney has reportedly begun to ban phones and cameras on theme park rides, with a full-on ban on vlogging actually being instated across the globe in Tokyo Disneyland.

Now, Walt Disney World is following suit by banning the use of cell phones and cameras on some of the more fast-paced rides or roller coasters, including Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

These three rides have faced recent changes to their “loose article” policies, including the provision that cell phones and cameras must definitively be stowed in passengers’ bags throughout the rides.

space mountain magic kingdom

Cell phones and cameras are no longer allowed on Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom. Courtesy of Disney

We have already seen a nearby resort and theme park, Universal Studios Orlando, make cell phones unwelcome on literally every single ride in the theme park’s vicinity.

Since Tokyo Disneyland has already paved the way for a ban on vlogging — and since vloggers or influencers are posing so many problems for Disney Parks in terms of their behavior — perhaps we will see a full-fledged ban coming to fruition in Disney World soon, too!

Would you welcome a ban like this in order to enhance your overall customer experience at Walt Disney World Resort? Do you ever try to sneak your phone out during a Disney ride in the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or EPCOT?

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