Disney’s Misbehaving Guests Are Getting Their Own Documentary

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It is no secret that Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests have been behaving terribly — and that bad behavior has extended to Disney Resorts on an international scale as well in Disney Resorts like Disneyland Paris Resort or Shanghai Disneyland Resort — so many Disney Fanatics will not be surprised to learn that such an unprecedented level of inappropriate behavior has caught the eye of filmmakers!

According to Deadline, the Jackass Forever director Jeff Tremaine “has found a new set [of] troublemakers to focus on as they cause havoc at the Happiest Place on earth.” The documentary will be called Stolen Kingdom, and it will focus on the past 30 years of “wrongdoing and debauchery at Walt Disney World Resort”, with a particular focus on a famous animatronic theft.

deadline stolen kingdom guest behavior


The first filmmakers to notice the potential for a documentary about Disney Guests’ atrocious behavior were Joshua Bailey and Sam Fraser, who will be directing Stolen Kingdom. The duo then reached out to Jackass celebrity Jeff Tremaine, who is producing the film.

“Josh and Sam somehow found me and introduced me to this story I found so compelling,” Tremaine apparently explained. “I was inspired by not only this story but by these young filmmakers. Having been a part of some Disneyland misbehavior, I’m excited to be involved in this.”

There have always been some Disney Guests who behave badly during their Disney vacations and their visits to Disney Parks, but in the past several months we have seen a whole lot of Disney “troublemakers” in a short period of time.

There have been multiple Disney Guests who decided to throw punches (some directed at other Disney Guests, particularly during this Magic Kingdom fight that led to arrests and lifetime bans, and some directed at Disney Cast Members).

splash mountain cast member

A Cast Member who works in the Magic Kingdom on Splash Mountain recently spoke up about the abuses she faces from Guests.

Some other Disney Guests have broken rules on rides — such as jumping onto moving Pirates of the Caribbean boats or causing Disney ride evacuations. Still more Disney Guests have been deceiving Disney staff by lying about children’s ages to avoid paying for tickets, breaking Disney property, openly harassing and abusing Cast Members, or trespassing into restricted areas at Disney Parks and Disney Resorts.

magic kingdom fight

Walt Disney World Resort Guests recently brawled in a disturbing fistfight in the Magic Kingdom, which led to arrests and lifetime bans. Images Credit: Disney / ITM

With behavior like this going on, it certainly seems appropriate to cover three decades of Disney “debauchery”. Who knows? Perhaps the former Jackass Jeff Tremaine will have some suggestions for the Walt Disney Company when it comes to controlling its Guests!

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