Disney Bans Family After They Break ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Rules

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Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Guests have certainly been putting Disney’s security teams and Disney’s Cast Members to the test recently, with everything from fistfights to abuse on their track record — but social media influencers have also been causing trouble, and one social-media-loving woman has been banned from Disneyland after exhibiting some shocking behavior on a classic Disney ride!

Captain Jack Sparrow, Walt Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean

An animatronic Captain Jack Sparrow on Walt Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the most popular characters from the movies that were inspired by the Disney ride. Credit: Disney

The J Family is a family of Youtubers and TikTokers whose matriarch, Myley, has been banned from Disneyland (and had her Annual Pass revoked). The J Family spoke to the popular website Buzzfeed about the ban, explaining their side of the story in three videos. Check them out below!


“I’m one of those annoying people weaving in & out.” The @The J Family talks about the time they got banned from Disneyland! ? #Storytime #Disneyland #Disneyworld

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Apparently, Myley jumped onto one of the moving Pirates of the Caribbean boats because she had been separated from her family in the ride queue and had gotten so far behind that her family was about to round the bend in their boat without her.

Instead of just riding with strangers and contenting herself with that experience, or going on the popular Disneyland ride a second time with her family, Miley chose to trespass over a gate and jump onto the boat as it moved away.


Replying to @buzzfeed “I jumped onto the moving boat” ? The @jfam.ily talks about how they got banned from Disneyland while riding Pirates of the Caribbean ?‍☠️ #Disneyland #Storytime

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The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was then slowed down shortly thereafter, with Myley and her family realizing that Disney Cast Members were not letting her behavior go easily. Instead, Disney security guards were checking each boat to determine which Guest had jumped.

Myley was then approached by Disney personnel when she exited the ride; they took down her identifying information, relieved her of her Annual Pass, and escorted her out of the Disney Park.

“My brain wasn’t working as a normal brain in that moment,” Myley admitted when thinking about her reasons for jumping. “It was only thinking one thing: ‘I gotta get on Pirates'”. However, as soon as Myley sat down, the family experienced “instant regret” and Myley worried throughout the ride that she was going to be “in so much trouble” and lose her Annual Pass — which she did.

She even attempted to disguise her appearance, knowing that Disney employees would be looking for “the lunatic that jumps onto the moving boat”.


Replying to @buzzfeed “They confiscate my pass.” The @jfam.ily tells the story of how they got banned from Disneyland! #Disneyland #Storytime

♬ original sound – BuzzFeed

Although the J Family seemed to approach this situation with good humor as they looked back on it, and were apologetic at the time of the incident, other Disney fans are not holding back on their negative opinions regarding Myley’s behavior.

“1st rule broken was line jumping,” one TikTok user pointed out, since Myley admitted that she had cut past several people in line to catch up with her family members “Once you leave the line – it’s not okay to cut in front of everyone to get back with your party.”

“As an Annual Passholder I can’t understand why she would be so desperate to ride. She could go any time,” another TikTok user pointed out. Another saw no humor in the incident, asking “why is it funny that they broke the rules?”.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride is a Walt Disney World and Disneyland classic, which now includes Captain Jack Sparrow since he is a popular character from the ride-inspired films.

Myley was able to get a new Annual Pass after the null-and-void Annual Pass expired, and expressed regret when it came to her actions as she spoke about the experience. Have you ever seen someone jump onto a boat during a Disney ride?

Do you think that behavior like this should result in being banned and losing your Annual Pass, or would you be in favor of milder punishment? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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