Cast Members Lash Out After Guest Breaks Disney Property

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With Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Disneyland Paris Resort Guests brawling in fistfights, climbing on attractions, and disrespecting Disney employees, it’s no wonder that many Disney Cast Members seem like they have had enough. One social media influencer recently shared a “hack” involving breaking Disney 3-D glasses during a Disney trip, and several Cast Members have spoken up to express their displeasure!

Disney influencer Bri Petrarca apparently shared a video recently with a “hack” for Disney’s 3-D glasses. Although 3-D glasses are necessary for several Disney attractions, such as the Bug’s Life attraction called “It’s Tough to Be a Bug!” in the Animal Kingdom theme park, they do not always fit children well. Petrarca shared a video showing how to bend the 3-D glasses to suit children’s heads during Disney park attractions.

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Bri Petrarca shared footage of bending and breaking 3-D glasses as a “hack” to fit children’s heads during 3-D shows at Disney. Credit:

A TikToker and former Disney Cast Member shared the video before Bri Petrarca deleted it, saying the following in the TikTok video (shown below): “One, as someone who is a childcare provider and does, in fact, work with little ones, they will be fine. I promise you. Although, it would be nice if Disney made child-size glasses for their 3D shows. Two, as a former Cast Member, I know this is a pain in the a**. Like, please don’t do this and make more work for these Cast Members. They’re already dealing with so much.”

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Disney Cast Members Credit: D23

The TikToker @pineappleprincess340 then continued, pointing out that some bent 3-D glasses will not affect the Walt Disney Company’s bottom line — but they will put a damper on Cast Members’ workdays in each Disney Park. Damaging 3-D glasses could be “affecting the lower people down who work in the Parks daily who only get, like, $9.75 an hour. So maybe let’s consider what we post as hacks and tips before we post them online.”


My recommendation is that you dont take this advice please. Be considerate of the CMs and disney property. #disneyparks #disneyhacksandtips

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Multiple Disney Cast Members joined the conversation, commiserating with one another about the inconveniences that bent 3-D glasses had caused them in the past. “We used to cry when we would get a basket of these back,” a former Animal Kingdom Cast Member (@hillary_ever_after) said. This former Cast Member had worked on the Avatar: Flight of Passage attraction.

A former Toy Story Mania Cast Member, @jeniferscout13, also responded. “Just flip them upside down,” the former Cast Member wrote. “they’re designed to fit them that way. If we get glasses like that we gotta damage them out.”

Have you ever tried any “hacks” that may have made Disney Cast Members’ jobs harder to do in each Disney Park?


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