Disney Park Struggles to Control Trespassing Guests

disney no trespassing sign

Disney Park Guests are at it again! We have seen Guests brawl in the streets of the Magic Kingdom, jump onto moving Pirates of the Caribbean boats, and openly harass Disney Cast Members during their days in Disney Parks. Unfortunately, it has become clear that this kind of unacceptable behavior has extended to Disney Parks and Disney Resorts across the globe, not just Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort!

international yoga day disneyland paris cast members

Disneyland Paris Cast Members recently celebrated International Yoga Day together in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

In Disneyland Paris Resort, Guests’ trespassing has become a particularly big problem. One new Marvel attraction actually had to be closed down temporarily, because Guests would not stop breaking rules. We have also seen Disneyland Paris Guests climb onto the Parisian Disney location’s buildings like monkeys — and now, we can see that Guests are openly ignoring obvious no-trespassing signage in broad daylight!

Twitter user Disney Cave 0f Wonders (@Cave0fWonders) has shared images of some new “Do not climb, Cast Members only” signs that have been put into place in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Paris (most likely, in part, due to this botched proposal from earlier this year).

The sign seems clear, and should be clear (as Disney Cave of Wonders put it, “We will see if that is enough…. And that’s already a lot….“) — but, as we can see in the images below from Faby (@fabien__dore), Guests are still climbing over the fences and enjoying the restricted area.

With theme park Guests who refuse to behave and who are not swayed by Disney Park bans or Annual Pass removals, it seems like Disney is in a tight spot!

We have noticed what appears to be an increase in crowd control at Walt Disney World Resort recently, and social media may help bring some more accountability into Guests’ minds (even though many TikTokers are also causing trouble themselves in the Disney Parks) — but overall, Disney seems to be facing a tremendous struggle both abroad and at home as its Guests’ bad behavior escalates and something as clear as a no-trespassing sign is blatantly ignored.

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