Disney Cast Member Fired After Calling Out Influencer

disney cast member fired

In a shocking turn of events, a Cast Member who highlighted an influencer’s rude behavior on a social media post was recently fired.

A Disney Park is usually a place of magic and dreams. But often, they are all sites of some truly disheartening events. Whether that’s because of Guests who are rude to Cast Members or Guests who behave badly while at a Theme Park, sometimes Disney doesn’t quite hit the spot.

Disneyland Park

Sleeping Beauty Castle/Disney

Earlier this month, we at Disney Fanatic shared a story of a brave Downtown Disney Cast Member who spoke out against a Disney influencer’s rude behavior toward Disney Parks employees.

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That Cast Member has since been fired.

TikTok user @lukaelucoa took to the platform to share the update, check it out:


#duet with @shawninorlando PLEASE BE KIND TO CAST MEMBERS, IT COSTS LITERALLY NOTHING TO BE KIND 🏰🐭 #wdw #excastmember #exdisneycastmember #disneyparks #disneyinfluencers #fyp #foryourpage

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The caption to the video reads, “PLEASE BE KIND TO CAST MEMBERS IT COSTS NOTHING,” and the TikTok user says in the video, “This is why I have zero respect for Disney Parks influencers.”
This incident began when the former Cast Member, Ary, spoke out in a now-deleted video about how the influencer, Kel, @ThemeParkMom, had been quite rude during a busy work shift. Ary had explained, “We were super, super busy. Our mobile orders were backed up. Our cafe was backed up because we just had a limited staff of people there.”
Downtown Disney/Disney Parks Blog

Downtown Disney/Disney Parks Blog

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According to Ary, Kel had a mobile order in and, after waiting for a bit, asked about it at the counter. Ary had told Kel it would be a couple of minutes because they were busy, and as Ary was organizing other drinks, Kel allegedly asked, “Is someone even working on it?” in “a rude tone.”
It’s always important for Guests to remember to treat Cast Members with respect. These are people who are the heart of the Disney experience, and they work incredibly hard to provide the magical experience people from all over the world flock to the Parks for.

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