Disney Cast Member Issues Another ‘Be Kind’ PSA to Guests

Be kind to cast members psa
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One of the ugly themes of a Disney Parks day continues to be the friction that builds between Guests and Cast Members at both the Disneyland Resort in California and the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. And one place where that friction can be found is at the site of an attraction that is constantly breaking down.

A Disneyland Cast Member took to Reddit under username u/YearIllustrious5704, and wrote a lengthy PSA calling all who come to that happy place to be kind to the Cast Members prefacing it by saying,

“I probably would not have made this post if it weren’t for everything that happened today. Many, many rides went down today and I know Lightning Lane was a little challenging. Let me share it from a cast member perspective.”

Disney Lightning Lane

Credit: Disney

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The Cast Member tried to sound as empathetic as possible in explaining that the CMs working understand the frustration regarding the ride breakdowns and the need to prioritize Lightning Lane users as soon as the ride is back up.

“When it comes to Lightning Lane, us CMs get it. We know the ratio of standby to LL isn’t ideal and we know standby will have huge wait times because of it,” the Cast Member said in part. “Please please please dont be rude and yell at us for only sending a few people from standby and a lot from LL. We get that it that it isnt ideal, however thats what we are told to do and cant change anything about it.”

Disney California Adventure

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On ride breakdowns, the Cast Member pleaded:

Half of the time is because of a mechanical issue and the other half is because of a guest related issue. In either situation, please understand that rides do in fact break down. And as CMs, we have no control over when it breaks down or when it comes back up. Once again, please don’t be disrespectful in these situations. Our cast is just as frustrated as you guys are. And unfortunately, us attractions CMs also can’t really do anything about it.


Credit: Disney

The Cast Member ended the PSA by thanking those Guests who are patient.

We at Disney Fanatic would like to personally remind our readers to please be kind and patient with these everyday magic-makers.

We will continue to update our readers on Disney Parks news and stories as more developments come to light.

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