‘Love Island’ Star Sexually Harasses Disneyland Performer


If you are not a big follower of British pop culture, then you may not have heard of the romance-focused reality show called Love Island that has taken the zeitgeist by storm in the United Kingdom — but if you watch TV or use social media, then you have probably overheard some talk about the dating show (or seen some memes from it) whether or not you meant to!

Love Island is a British reality show that is notorious for its drama-driven plot and romantic scandals (not to mention the wide spectrum of British accents that show up along the way). There is now an American version of the show, too.


Adam Driver plays Kylo Ren in the Star Wars movies.

One Season 2 cast member from the American Love Island show, Cely Vasquez, was recently spotted in Disneyland Resort — and the reality TV star is facing some backlash since she has shared footage on social media of her persistent attempts to kiss a Disney performer!

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren Credit: Disneyguest b

Cely Vasquez can be seen in her own video (shown below) repeatedly trying to get a Disney performer (who was playing Kylo Ren) to kiss her — and when the performer continued to refuse, she said that they had “crushed” her Disney “dreams.” A Cast Member actually had to lead Vasquez away when she continued to refuse to behave!


thats crazy

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It is certainly true that trying to kiss a performer while they are in character — particularly when they are in the employ of a company like the Walt Disney Company, which is famous for firing its character performers after such behavior even if the behavior was really well-received by Disney Guests at the time — is a below-the-belt move, but the fact that Cely Vasquez was trying to force anyone to kiss her without their consent is already completely inappropriate in and of itself.

Some fans of Vasquez defended her on social media, but a few other TikTok users pointed out that this kind of sexual harassment is not okay. “She’s asking for a kiss from an actor or the job at a children’s amusement park,” one social media user wrote. “The one asking for a kiss is in the wrong.”

We have learned from Cast Members that being sexually harassed or propositioned by Guests is not, unfortunately, an uncommon occurrence for Disney character performers (particularly characters who are scantily clad, like this male character).

Do you think that a kiss on the cheek was an inappropriate request on Vasquez’s part? Have you ever seen any other Disney Guests harassing Cast Members in the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, or Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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