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Onlookers Mock Disney Character During Parade

adults mock moana cast member

Any Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort guest can take a look at a Disney character performer, sweating in their thick costumes and smiling despite harassment from guests, and can presumably realize that theirs is not an easy job. Cast members and Disney character performers must deal with many challenges while staying in character, even if said challenges involve ...

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Mickey Mouse Breaks Character, Harasses Minnie Mouse During Parade

Animated characters donald duck, daisy duck, minnie mouse, and goofy depicted in a classic style, standing in a row with surprised expressions.

Disney characters often come into conflict with one another (or amongst themselves on a larger scale) for the sake of brief Disney Channel or Disney Junior storylines about friendship and the importance of reconciliation. However, two classic Disney characters who never seem to fight or argue are the icons Mickey and Minnie Mouse — and, shockingly, those two Disney mice ...

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Wayne Brady Explains Why He Was Fired by Disney

The talented Wayne Brady is a celebrity known for his singing, dancing, acting, comedy, and impersonation abilities. Brady is particularly well-known when it comes to his comedic work on the iconic improvisation show called Whose Line Is It Anyway?, in which he starred alongside Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Aisha Tyler, and (previously) Drew Carey. The Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Kinky ...

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Disney Performer Collapses on Pavement and Frightens Guests

disney character performer injury in costume

After meeting a fur character like Goofy or Mickey Mouse in a Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort theme park, it’s understandable to begin wondering about the person inside the burdensome costume. Many Disney Fanatics have done their own virtual digging to learn more about what it’s like to be “friends with” (i.e., play the role of) Disney fur ...

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Cast Members Ignore Disney Rules and Share Scandalous Footage Online

illegal disney tiktok

Many Disney fans already know that Disney employees are on a strict NDA diet after being hired, especially if they are character performers who are “friends with” (i.e. playing the roles of) face characters like Cinderella or fur characters like Maui. The confidentiality and decorum aspects of these roles are taken very seriously, so much so that one former Cast ...

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Former Cast Member Exposes “Goofy” Performers’ Secret

goofy disney character performer

It is no secret — at least in the Disney Fanatic community — that Disney character performers have some tough jobs in Disney theme parks worldwide. Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort character performers or Cast Members have shared plenty of behind-the-scenes stories exemplifying their struggles, and the employees who portray fur characters like Goofy or Mickey Mouse have ...

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“Moana Is Missing”; Princess Vanishes From Disneyland Parade

moana and her empty parade float

The Polynesian Disney princess named Moana has had Disney fans all abuzz lately, partly due to her new status as “Queen of the Sea“, partly due to her new EPCOT ride called Journey of Water, and partly due to the hilarious¬†Moana¬†memes that have resurfaced after her live-action movie was announced. Moana Has Had Enough of the Limelight However, it seems ...

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Disney Performers Embrace Non-Verbal Autistic Guest By the Dozen

autistic nonverbal guest with jasmine and loki

Ardent Disney Fanatics will already be aware that a large portion of the famous Disney magic comes from interactions with Disney character performers during Character Meet and Greets, or during impromptu on-the-go interactions with said performers (such as this absolutely adorable interaction between Ariel and a tiny French Flounder)! Being a Disney performer is certainly not easy, but the performers ...

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Disney Princess Reveals Why She’s Forbidden From Returning to Work

rapunzel performer and rapunzel from tangled

These days, many Disney Fanatics already know that Disney character performers must endure a lot of discomforts, both physically and mentally, for very little pay. You don’t need ‘dedicated Disney fan’ status to notice these Disney employees’ hardships, either — all it takes is one look at Winnie the Pooh sweltering in Florida heat, or Belle deftly dodging a man ...

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Disney Princess Fan Trades Cinderella Job for Alligators

cinderella gasping in shock and photo of gator

Being a Disney princess might seem like a Disney dream come true — but one aspiring Disney World character performer actually did an about-face and has ended up in a far more toothy career! Savannah Boan is a well-known reptile expert in Central Florida who wears many hats as the Park Director and Crocodilian Enrichment Coordinator at the popular Florida ...

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