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Nearly Impossible Requirements to Be a Disney Princess in the Parks


For so many young girls, the idea of growing up to actually become a Disney Princess one day is the ultimate pipe dream. Yet, for a select few, such dreams do, in fact, come true. We are, of course, talking about those talented character performers that we see at Disney Parks around the world, who are working under the guise ...

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Guests Fight Near ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

disneyland fight

The behavior of Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Disneyland Paris Guests has worsened recently and has varied between mistreating Disney Cast Members, breaking Disney Park rules, and fistfighting. A brawl in the Magic Kingdom recently led to arrests and lifetime bans, and now another Disney Guest has started a fight — although this Guest’s motives might be a ...

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Guest Yells at Cast Member and Challenges Disney Dress Code

cast member kali river rapids

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort (not to mention Disneyland Paris) Guests have been behaving increasingly badly in the Disney Parks and Resorts, breaking rules and fistfighting or yelling at Disney Cast Members. Now, yet another Walt Disney World Guest has behaved badly and unkindly towards a Cast Member — but this time, the Guest’s reaction involved the Disney ...

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Here Are Things You Should NEVER Say to Disney Cast Members

Disney Cast Members

Whether you head out to sunny California to embark on a visit to Disneyland or seek out the warmth waiting for you at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, upon arrival at any Disney destination, you will be greeted by the welcoming, smiling faces of those cheerful Disney employees we know better as Disney Cast Members. Filling the roles in ...

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Jack Sparrow Shares Sweet Moment with Blind Guest

captain jack sparrow

Even if opinions regarding the American actor Johnny Depp are mixed after the defamation trial involving Amber Heard, many Disney fans are clamoring for the return of Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean character Captain Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow has become known for his funny one-liners, pirate mannerisms, and his endearing moments with Disney Guests during Meet and Greets (not to mention ...

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Cast Member Uses Emergency Signal During Meet and Greet

captain hook

Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and international Disney Park Cast Members have shown time and time again that they are dedicated professionals when it comes to their jobs. Disney Cast Members, particularly character performers, are trained to stay calm and maintain their character’s behaviors even in the face of emergencies. Recently, a Cast Member playing Goofy handled an emergency ...

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This ‘Peter Pan’ Performer Had to Leave Disney After Becoming Too Popular

peter pan

As if Disney Cast Members already didn’t have hard enough jobs, these Disney employees also apparently have to worry about being too good at carrying out their tasks! A former Disney Cast Member and current Disney Travel Agent recently spoke up about the negative impact that a particularly successful performer can have on their own employment with the Walt Disney ...

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Disney Employee Reveals That Viral Videos Cost Performers Their Jobs

cast members characters

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests’ use of social media has made a huge impact on both their visits to Disney Resorts or Disney Parks as well as their fellow Guests’ visits. Sometimes, footage shared on social media has been heartwarming (like this video of a sweet interaction between Minnie Mouse and a deaf child) — but in ...

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Yes, Disney Has Secret Codes – And Here’s What They Mean!

Castle and Chip and Dale

Do you think you speak the official Language of Disney? Perhaps you do. Perhaps you’ve visited Disney Parks so many times and have had myriad other magical Disney experiences throughout the years that you’re now a pro in knowing all the unique lingo and phrases. You impress your novice friends by explaining to them that the term “Cast Member” refers ...

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Cast Members Expose Disney’s ‘Abusive Boyfriend’ Behavior and Low Wages

cast members poverty

Apparently, Disney magic does not always apply to the people working in Disney Parks or Disney Resorts. Disney heiress Abigail Disney (who might be replacing Disney CEO Bob Chapek, if some people have their way) has already revealed that some Walt Disney Company Cast Members are living at the poverty level (despite having particularly taxing jobs for Disney) in her ...

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