Marvel Star Announces Shocking Career Change

Marvel star and 'Jumanji' actress Karen Gillan recently started her own business, which is (unexpectedly) in the tech world!

If you’re a fan of Marvel movies from the Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy franchises, then you can probably recognize the Scottish actress Karen Gillan in at least one colorway: blue.

Gillan plays Nebula, the quasi-cyborg daughter of Thanos and sister of Gamora who turns from villain to straightfaced comic relief (when she’s not feeling emotionally tormented, that is) — but the actress has also become known as Ruby Roundhouse in the Jumanji series, Amy Pond in the hit U.K. series Doctor Who, and an assassin in the 2021 Netflix movie Gunpowder Milkshake!


Karen Gillan Credit: ELLE

After years of being a struggling actress and lower-level celebrity, Karen Gillan has finally started to become a household name after staring in blockbuster hits like the Marvel films or the Jumanji movies — and apparently, the actress is capitalizing on this success by branching out in an entirely different direction!

Gillan has been dropping hints about some big business plans in recent months on her social media accounts, and she just took a big step in formalizing those hints by creating a social media account for her new business (and making some announcements to accompany it).


Nebula is a Marvel character played by Karen Gillan. She appears in the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy movies alongside characters like Peter Quill / Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and Gamora (Zoe Saldana). Credit:

“I am making the leap from acting into tech,” Karen Gillan said in the announcement on Instagram. “I’m still going to be an actress, but I’m also going to be ‘teching’ around too.”

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“I have wanted to do this for years,” Gillan revealed, “and now we are finally gathering so much momentum and pace that I was like, ‘I should be documenting this journey’”.

The actress, who is known for her dramatic and comedic acting range (and who reportedly married her Bubble co-star Nick Kocher in a private Scottish castle wedding, only reinforcing Disney fans’ desire for her to play the live-action Merida from Brave), is creating a mobile app called Seen.

Gillan added that she has been “learning something new every day” while working on the app with her co-founder, and that she is going to share plenty of behind the “seens” glimpses of the process so that fans can “watch [her] flail [her] way through the tech world, which will probably be hilarious.”

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So far, not much information has been revealed about the mobile app that Karen Gillan is creating with her co-founder (who revealed in the video shown below that he thought the proposal was a joke at first), except that it is not an NFT, and the two co-founders are creating the app “to bring people together and help people connect on a deeper level”.

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Gillan shared that the duo has come up with a “really cool way to do that”, so Karen Gillan’s fans and Disney Fanatic will keep a close eye on the Marvel actress for more information about this app’s big reveal as the launch comes closer!

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