Disgruntled Guest Attacks Disney World’s Polynesian Resort

disney polynesian village resort
Credit: Tim Martinson

Even though the classic Disney magic does still appear in the Disney Parks once in a while at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, some Disney Guests are apparently finding lots of faults when it comes to the Disney Resorts where they end their Disney vacation days.

The Polynesian’s “Sad State”

A conversation was recently started online involving Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and its “sad state”, which is in part due to the construction that is currently going on at the Resort near the Magic Kingdom — and judging by this conversation, it looks like Disney might be in for some nasty customer surveys!

disney's polynesian resort

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort/Credit: Disney

“Was Polynesian Resort Ruined on Purpose?”

“Recently I took the water taxi from Magic Kingdom and it really put the Polynesian resort’s sad state into focus,” the Reddit user named “Desmoot” said in a post entitled “Was Polynesian Resort Ruined on Purpose or Is It a String of Poor Decisions?”.

“You notice a giant concrete monstrosity looming on the right,” Desmoot complained, adding that “the beautiful beaches are obscured by $3000 a night bungalows sitting on the water.”

The popular Volcano pool was also disappointing; apparently it is now “overcrowded”, “jammed into a tiny space,” and “every seat was taken.”

Lava Pool Polynesian Village Resort

The Lava Pool at the Polynesian Village Resort. Credit: Disney

We already knew that Disney Resort pools could become a bit reminiscent of The Hunger Games when it came to seating, so this complaint is not a surprise!

In addition, apparently “the lobby is bare, ‘Ohana has not returned to form, [and] the Luau is gone.”

Desmoot did praise Trader Sam’s, but overall asserted that Disney’s Polynesian Resort has become “a hot mess.”

Was Polynesian Resort ruined on purpose or is it a string of poor decisions?
byu/Desmoot inWaltDisneyWorld

Other Disney World fans and Polynesian fans were quick to respond to Desmoot’s complaints, with some people agreeing and some people resignedly pointing out that the Polynesian is still better than some other Disney Resorts.

The fact that the Polynesian is undergoing construction was also a factor in its defense; as one other Reddit user put it, “While I’m not a fan of the DVC building going up, you must know that buildings tend to be concrete monstrosities while they are still being erected.”

Are you still a fan of this Disney World Resort, which is just one Seven Seas Lagoon ride or monorail ride away from the Magic Kingdom?

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    The customer is always wrong
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