Magic Kingdom Meeting & Greeting – 24 Characters You Won’t Want To Miss

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The Magic Kingdom has more meet and greet opportunities than any of the other parks. There are also plenty of characters here that can’t be found in other park locations. You may not agree, but I consider “circus performer/poodle trainer Minnie Mouse” different than the typical Minnie you see elsewhere. In no particular order, here are the characters that meet exclusively at the Magic Kingdom. (Remember, “exclusively” means that the characters only have one scheduled park meet and greet location; some may also be found at character meals in other parks, but that is not considered a scheduled “meet and greet”).

1 & 2 – Anna and Elsa

The lovely Frozen ladies are not hard to find, per se, especially now that they have their own greeting location in Princess Fairytale Hall. Actually meeting them, however, has become an almost exclusive experience. If you want to meet the princesses, you really should reserve your FastPass+ the full 60 days in advance of your trip. In fact, you’re going to want to sit by your computer, waiting for the clock to strike midnight on your 60-day mark if you want to nab this most coveted FastPass+. The standby line even disappeared for a brief test period, but seems to have become available again. If you plan to use the standby line, you’ll want to beeline there right at rope drop, or anticipate a very long (hours) wait.

3 – Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother can be found behind Cinderella’s Castle. This is your only opportunity to see her, so line up with your autograph book and camera. Maybe you’ll even have a wish granted!

4, 5, & 6 – The Tremaine Family

Also known as Cinderella’s wicked step-mother and step-sisters, you’ll find the Tremaine ladies greeting guests near the entrance to New Fantasyland (around the new, gray wall). I’ve even seen them take a ride on the carousel in the morning! Meeting the Tremaine’s isn’t just for young ladies- if you have a young prince with you, you may be very amused by the way that the Tremaine’s interact with him. Just be careful- if you don’t want Lady Tremaine as a mother-in-law, don’t take her up on her offer for your son to marry her daughter!

7 – Rapunzel

Fancy some time with Rapunzel? You can find her at Princess Fairytale Hall, in the same room with Cinderella. You can reserve a FastPass+ to meet Rapunzel.

8 – Cinderella

Cindy’s only regular park meet and greet is at Princess Fairytale Hall, alongside Rapunzel. While they meet in the same room, they’ll pose with you for separate pictures. FastPass+ is available.

9 & 10 – Princess Tiana & Prince Naveen

The lovely Tiana can be found greeting guests during the morning and evening hours in Liberty Square. If you wait to see her in the evening, you’ll also see Prince Naveen! This is one of the few instances where a prince and princess couple meets regularly in the parks.

11 – Gaston

This burly fellow is hard to miss, since he’s roughly the size of a barge. You’ll find him outside the tavern in New Fantasyland at certain times during the day. Don’t forget to swoon and complement his physique!

12 – Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell has moved out of her Pixie Hollow location in Adventureland, and can now be seen at Town Square Theater. Currently, she is not meeting with any fellow fairies, although it was so popular that we hope Tink isn’t alone for long! Tinkerbell is very popular, so consider using FastPass+ to see her.

13 – Jessie The Cowgirl

You’ll find Buzz and Woody in a few parks, but Jessie is a special find at the Magic Kingdom. Watch for her, along with Woody, near Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain area. Update: As of Spring 2018, Jessie, Buzz, and Woody are all found in Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Land. There are hopes that they will bring them back to Magic Kingdom as well. If you see them, it’s a special moment, grab those photos!

14 – White Rabbit

You may have seen Alice elsewhere, but the White Rabbit is generally only found near the Mad Tea Party ride in the Magic Kingdom. Sometimes he greets guests with Alice, and sometimes he is alone.

15 – Merida

Your only chance to meet Merida, the heroine from Brave, is in Fairytale Garden, a small area between Cinderella’s Castle and Tomorrowland.

16 – Peter Pan

You’ll find Peter Pan discussing his adventures with guests at the entrance bridge to Adventureland. Peter may meet with or without Wendy (currently, she isn’t listed on Disney’s official website as being part of the meet and greet).

17 & 18 – Daisy Fortuna (Daisy Duck) and Minnie Mouse

Daisy Duck looks especially cute dressed in circus performer garb, and can be found at Pete’s Silly Sideshow (near Dumbo). You’ll also meet Minnie here, dressed as a wild animal (err… poodle) trainer.

19 & 20 – Astounding Donaldo (Donald Duck) and Goofy

In the other section of Pete’s Silly Sideshow, you’ll find Donald and Goofy. Goofy will be decked out in his “Barnstormer” costume, and Donald as “Astounding Donaldo.”

21 – Ariel

Ariel has her very own grotto, next to the Under the Sea ride. Her meet and greet is very popular, so you might want to consider using a FastPass+.

22 – Stitch

Stitch is becoming a bit harder to find, now that he no longer greets guests at Hollywood Studios. Now, you’ll find him exclusively in the Magic Kingdom, in Tomorrowland. You also have an opportunity to meet him if you dine at Ohana at the Polynesian.

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23 – Marie

Marie, the sophisticated Aristocat, can be found strutting her stuff near the flag pole in Town Square.

24 – Mickey Mouse

You can meet Mickey at every park, but his main place of residence is the Magic Kingdom. Don’t miss him at Town Square Theater. FastPass+ is available.


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