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Mother Filmed Dragging Child Through Disney on Leash

Woman Dragging Her Son on a Leash Through Disneyland Galaxy's Edge
Credit: Casey.Callihan20 TikTok

When it comes to a Disney vacation with young children, each family has a way that they think works best for them. Some families rent strollers, even if their children are a little older, just to prevent them from tiring out too early. Others go back to their Resort during the day to rest and relax before heading back at night. Whatever your preference may be for vacationing with children, one thing is abundantly clear. Kids are quick and can disappear in an instant, which means parents will do anything to keep their children in their sight.

Guest VIP Tour Walt Disney World

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One of the more controversial topics about how to handle kids on vacation is leashes. Not like a dog leash around the neck, but a “leash” for a child that can go around their wrist or on a backpack. The backpack leash allows the child to hold some of their belongings in a cute bag, while the parent is able to hold onto the least, so the child can’t run away. Some parents hate the leashes, as kids aren’t animals. Other parents love the leash harness because the kids can carry their belongings, and they have a lesser fear of losing their child in massive crowds.

Minnie Mouse backpack safety harness with leash

Credit: Amazon

One mother who seems to support the backpack leash movement is now going viral — and showing people why leashes for kids might not always be the best idea. TikToker Casey Callihan (@casey.callihan20) recently shared a video of a woman dragging her young son by his backpack leash through Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort. It appears that the young boy tries to stand up, but is never able to get his footing.


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Comments on the video were very divided, with some saying that they sided with the mom, and said those who didn’t have never been to a Disney Park with kids. Others said that the mother was probably at her wit’s end, having most likely asked the child to behave before it got to that point.

Others thought the video was much more serious, some even going so far as to accuse the woman of abuse. Some said she was treating the child like a dog, and some thought that, if the child was acting up, the mom should have picked him up before deciding to drag him on the ground.

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