Need a Disney Fix? Here Are 15 Things to Help Satisfy Your Disney Cravings at Home!

Main Street USA
Main Street USA

There are many times that are particularly hard in terms of Disney withdrawal. When you get home from a trip, it’s particularly bad. Or, when your next trip is SO far away. Even worse, when you have no future trip on the horizon at all. Let’s face it, pretty much any day you aren’t in Disney you run the risk of suffering from Disney withdrawal. I’ve crafted a list of 15 easy things that you can do to help curb your Disney craving, giving you the Disney fix you so desperately need at home.

15. Read Disney Blogs

Missing your happy place? Read a Disney blog (*cough* It’s not just idle time – every bit of Disney info you get will help you plan your next trip.

14. Plan a future trip

Are you already set on going back to Disney? If so, start planning, reserving, and dreaming! Still not sure exactly when your return trip will be? Research any special events in the parks that you might want to attend and see if you can travel during those times. If another trip isn’t on your horizon right now, don’t sweat it. You’ll get back eventually!

13. Help else someone plan a trip

Chances are good that someone you know is planning a trip to Disney right now. Find that person and help them! I’ve found that most people who are not seasoned Disney travelers welcome any and all help or advice. If you know another expert who is planning but doesn’t need help, just get in on the fun and find out what his or her trip details are. Don’t know anyone planning a trip? Find a Disney message board or community and answer people’s questions there.

Craving the Magic

12. Enjoy your vacation photos

This is the reason you took or posed for all those pictures in the first place. Sit down with your family and check out your photo albums. All of your memories will come flooding back, giving you an instant Disney fix! Or, if you haven’t even made an album for your last trip, make one now! Clear out the SD card in your camera and upload the pictures to a photo site like Shutterfly or Snapfish. If you’re like me, it might take you a month (or many months) to create the perfect album, but you’ll have a great time doing it. Keep the album in your cart and wait for a great coupon or promotion to order it!

11. Talk to someone who just returned from a trip

Can you picture the way that Tigger pounces on Pooh, knocking him right over? Despite my feeble attempts at restraint, this is how I get a good Disney fix from someone who has just returned from Disney. I call it the “post-trip pounce.” It starts out innocently enough, with normal questions like, “How was your trip?” But watch out- I’m not just making polite conversation. I want to know every detail. Don’t just tell me it was great. Tell me where you ate every single meal, what you had, which parades you saw (and where you stood to watch), what rides you went on, if the Mine Train was running, what resort you stayed at, what you bought, which characters you met, and what your favorite moment was.

10. Watch POV ride videos on YouTube, or parades, etc.

Need a serious fix? YouTube has a point-of-view video of just about every attraction and spectacle at Disney. Watch parades you’ve never seen, like holiday parades, or relive your favorites. Or, pretend you’re riding Test Track or even the now defunct Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. We’ve got a number of videos here on DisneyFanatic. Just type “video” in the search field to the right, hit Enter/Return and browse our current offerings.

9. Head to the Disney Store

Many malls have Disney Store locations. I like to stop in once in a while, and, believe it or not, I don’t usually buy anything. It’s just nice to feel like I’m back in a Disney gift shop.

8. Watch a Disney movie

There are so many choices! Of course, there are loads of animated classics you can choose for a general Disney pick-me-up. If you need an “I miss the parks” fix, a movie inspired by a classic Disney ride might be a better choice. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is a popular pick. Another family friendly choice is The Haunted Mansion starring Eddie Murphy. Sure, it’s only loosely based on the ride, but at least you get to see Madame Leota. Word is that there’s even a feature film being made based on “It’s A Small World.”

7. Read some Disney-themed literature

The Kingdom Keepers series by Ridley Pearson is a popular young adult series set in Disney World that is enjoyed by adults as well. If you like darker stories, check out Hollow World by Nick Pobursky. Both give such excellent detail of the parks that you will feel like you are really there. But be warned- you’ll never view “It’s A Small World” or “The People Mover” the same after reading these!

6. Look at Disney from Google Earth

This may sound a little bit weird, but I think it’s really neat to look at the parks from overhead. See how fast you can find and zoom in on your favorite attractions!

Is it crazy to want a monorail from my home straight to Disney World?

5. Make a Tasty Disney Treat

The internet is your friend. With a little searching, you can find out how to make a huge cupcake like they sell at “Starring Rolls” in Hollywood Studios, or even a Dole Whip!

4. Watch a TV Special about Disney

The Travel Channel and others sometime air specials about Disney. Even if you already know everything there is to know about planning a trip, you’ll still enjoy watching them!

3. Listen to Disney Music

Sing along! I’ll admit that if my husband got home early from work he might catch me twirling around the kitchen singing “Be Our Guest” while I’m making dinner. If you have iTunes, Spotify or Rhapsody music services, you’ll be able to find loads of Disney compilation albums and soundtracks to help you get your fix.

2. Dress the Part

You can’t wear your Disney costume to the parks, but you can dress up as a favorite Disney character for Halloween, a costume party, or a children’s birthday celebration! Does your school or workplace ever have a hat day? Mickey ears are close enough!

1. Use the My Disney Experience app to look at current wait times

Have you read our article, 10 Symptoms of a Disney Obsession? This fix is a sign that you are definitely suffering from a Disney obsession. But go ahead – open up that app and check out how long the wait is for Space Mountain. I recently texted a fellow Disney Fanatic contributor and author of the above article and had a full conversation about wait times – and neither of us was in the parks. “Can you believe how short the line Under the Sea is right now?” “I know, and it was 90 minutes this morning shortly after rope drop! Crazy!” Join us in our obsession and try this fix for yourself!

Being away from Disney can be hard, but most of us can’t afford to be there as often as we’d like. I hope these simple fixes help satisfy your Disney cravings during those times when you can’t get there! Sign up for our daily newsletter and we’ll send you a daily dose of Disney in the form of tips & tricks, restaurant reviews, videos, Disney-themed quizzes and more. Just fill in the email signup form in the above and to the right! How do you infuse Disney into your life? Share your favorite Disney fix in the comments section below!

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