Disney Alters Passholder Reservation Policy at Walt Disney World Resort

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This is huge news for any Annual Passholder at Walt Disney World Resort.

Walt Disney World Annual Passholders are avid fans and the most loyal customers of the Walt Disney World Resort. Being a Disney Annual Passholder comes with numerous perks and benefits that add a magical touch to every visit.

Now, this group is expecting major changes!

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Annual Passholders to Experience Major Update

One of the primary advantages of being a Disney Annual Passholder is the expansive access to the theme parks. Passholders can enter the parks pretty much whenever they desire, allowing them to indulge in the magic of Walt Disney World on a regular basis. This level of freedom and flexibility is a major draw for many guests, as they can fully immerse themselves in the various attractions, entertainment, and experiences offered at the resort.

Currently, Passholders manage their park visits by making park pass reservations. This system allows them to secure their spot in the park on specific days, ensuring they won’t miss out on their favorite rides or attractions. By utilizing the park pass reservation system, Passholders can plan their visits in advance, guaranteeing a seamless and enjoyable experience.

While this policy is liked by many, others find that it takes out the capability for a spontaneous park visit. Now, that is about to change!

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Introducing “Good-to-Go” Days

In 2024, Disney is bringing spontaneous park visits back! Earlier today, Disney revealed their new concept called “Good-to-Go” days, which are essentially days that Annual Passholders can enter EPCOT, Magic Kingdom Park, Disney Animal Kingdom Park, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park without a reservation.

The first batch of GTG days will be added to the calendar on January 11, with more to be added every couple of weeks.

Fans are rejoicing in this news, as it will allow fans to be much more spontaneous when planning their future park visits. While this isn’t the complete abolishment that some fans were waiting for, this is a good step in the right direction for Disney.

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  1. I do not understand why APs cannot just come and go when they want, there was never a problem b4 covid and I honestly dont see a problem now……….GTG days will be fine for now but I hope soon we will go back to what normal was back in the day. Universal has no problem with APs going and they even havea place where we can go in without having to stand in the regular lines.

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