Questions You Should Ask Upon Check-In at Your Disney World Resort Hotel

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Where else but at a Disney theme park can you find magical lands that celebrate the present, past, and future with fabulous entertainment, thrill rides, Disney characters, colorful parades, brilliant fireworks displays, a shopping and dining outdoor complex, and Disney-themed Hotel Resorts?  Walt Disney World in Florida is the second Disney Park built which opened in October, 1971, and in a few short years will be celebrating its 50th Golden Anniversary.  If you have chosen a Disney Resort Hotel for your stay, I would suggest inquiring about these ten topics when you check in.  Even though there are hundreds of brochures and websites that have all the details of a visit to Walt Disney World, the Check-In Host or Hostess can answer a lot of questions you may have concerning the the ins and outs of this “Most Magical Place on Earth”.

1. Magical Express

If you have arrived at Disney World by airplane, you most likely took advantage of the Magical Express option and arrived at your Disney Resort by the Magical Express bus. Be sure to ask your Check-In Host or Hostess when and where to bring your luggage to the front area for the Magical Express bus pickup for the ride to the airport.

2. Magic Bands

If you’re not too clear on how the Disney Magic Bands work, now is a good time to ask any question you may have about their function and how to use them. Disney cast members can explain to easily understand how these marvels of modern technology work and what to do if one gets lost or damaged.

3. Activities

Ask what your Disney Resort offers in the way of special on sight activities. Every Resort has unique and fun adventures for the whole family, including themed swimming pools, bike rentals, carriage rides, playgrounds, game rooms, live entertainment, and more.  Find out all you can from a cast member who can give you a personal point of view of what’s best for your family or group.

4. Park Hours

In addition to regular operating hours, ask which Parks will be offering extra Magic Morning or Late Evening hours. A lot of cast members live in the Orlando area. They have experienced knowledge of when it’s best to visit the parks with the late or early Magic Hours perk.

5. Housekeeping

Due to updates in security, some changes have been made to Housekeeping procedures. It’s a good idea to ask at check-in what these changes are.  You need to know, especially if you want to sleep in, bu still have your room cleaned that day.

6. Ride or Attraction Rehabs or Closures

Even though ride and attraction rehabs and closures are generally announced ahead of time, there can be surprise closures due to malfunctions. It’s always good to ask when you check in. Then you’ll know ahead of time which rides or attractions will not be available.

Space Mountain Closed

7. Bad Weather

Florida is known for its periodic afternoon thunder showers, which usually last less than an hour. Florida is also known for its occasional hurricane. Ask what procedures are in place in the event of a major storm or hurricane.

8. Transportation

Walt Disney World has several transportation options: bus, monorail, or boat. Recently, some added transportation choices have become available such as Uber, Lyft, taxi, or the Minnie Van service.  Be sure to get all pertinent information about these options when you check in at your Resort.  Ask about the newest addition to open late in 2019, the Skyliner Gondola System.


9. Parades, Fireworks, Live Entertainment, etc.

Ask your Disney Host or Hostess what they recommend for your group or family members. Some young children may not be impressed with the outstanding, but thundering fireworks.  Find out where there are places at the Magic Kingdom to enjoy the fireworks without hearing the really loud booms.

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10. Lost Family Members

More important than any other question is what happens if you accidentally get separated from a family member or someone in your group. Any Disney cast member will be able to answer that question with clear and precise information. Be aware and stay safe when visiting Walt Disney World.  Caution every member of your family or group to always stay together.

When staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you have the unique privilege of being able to interact with a Disney Resort Hotel cast member 24/7.  Whether you need to arrange a wake up call, schedule in room childcare, make dining reservations, etc., there will someone to assist you. At a Disney Resort hotel, you are truly a special guest. There is no question or request too unusual for any Disney cast member to help you with.  They go the extra mile to make you feel right in the “Middle of the Magic” at Walt Disney World.

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