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‘It’s a Demon,’ Disney Accused of Pushing Satanic Agenda

A cozy restaurant interior with wooden tables and chairs arranged neatly. The walls are adorned with various framed pictures and decorations. The ceiling features illuminated glass panels with a blue hue. The ambiance is warm and inviting, with dim lighting throughout.
Credit: Disney

Over the last few years, Disney has been accused of many unsavory things. During his failed presidential run, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis accused Disney of sexualizing and grooming children.

Ron DeSantis giving a thumbs up in front of the Magic Kingdom entrance sign under a blue sky.

Credit: Inside the Magic

Disney has also been accused of pushing “woke” ideology through its DEI initiatives and inclusion policies. But now, Disney has a new accusation slung at it: pushing a Satanic agenda.

A social media user took guests through the entrance and artwork at the House of Blues at Disney Springs in Disney World and accused the company of promoting a Satanic agenda through the art at the restaurant.

According to the post, Disney World is allowing young children to see Satanic and anti-religion messages in the art around the restaurant/bar. He went on to explain how several of the images represent evil, the devil, and hell.


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The House of Blues is a Disney Springs restaurant, bar, and music hall. Dan Aykroyd and Isaac Tigrett originally founded it. The restaurant features New Orleans-style food and Southern blues music.

One of the images shows musician Robert Johnson, who, as legend has it, met the devil at the crossroads and sold his soul to play the guitar. The incident was made famous in the Cream song, The Crossroads. 

The image of Robert Johnson shows Satan with a guitar in his hand and a woman with a suitcase in her hand. This story is well known in the blues community and celebrated as the start of the music genre.

House of Blues at Disney Springs

Credit: House of Blues

Other images show what appears to be a baby on a cross, a totem pole, an angel, and a demon holding a baby. The guest in the video was concerned that children could see these images when they walked into the bar and that such photos would be allowed on Disney property.

While the restaurant/bar is located on Disney property, it is owned by Live Nation, which is best known for its live music productions and concert venues.

Many of the images in question are symbolic of Southern Blues Culture and the music as a whole. The person in the video had to explain the religious significance of some of the images, so it’s hard to believe that children would fully understand what they were looking at in the bar area.

What do you think of the images at the House of Blues at Disney Springs? 

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