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Shocking Behavior: Guest Provides a Compilation of Cringe Moments During Spring Break at Walt Disney World

Spring Break Crowds Disney World
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Experiencing the magic of Walt Disney World during Spring Break can be a wonderful experience! As the flowers bloom and the sun shines brightly, Walt Disney World Resort comes alive with excitement and adventure. Spring Break season at Disney World is a popular time for families and friends to come together and create unforgettable memories. The weather has become warmer, the International Flower and Garden Festival is in full bloom at EPCOT, and the days are longer!

wdw crowds

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However, during Spring Break, the parks are bustling with energy as guests explore iconic attractions like Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. However, things can get a bit hectic as large crowds descend upon Walt Disney World Resort. With the Disney Genie service and Lightning Lane, despite the sometimes overwhelming number of visitors, guests can try to make the most of their time by accessing attractions with shorter wait times, although Lightning Lane selections at parks like Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, where there aren’t a ton of attractions, can become scarce.

Spring Break at Walt Disney World Can Be Fun, But Stressful

One big draw to Walt Disney World in the spring, besides the school break, is the beauty of EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival, where vibrant blooms and topiaries create a stunning backdrop for leisurely strolls. Indulge in delicious cuisine at the World Showcase pavilions and attend special events and concerts throughout the festival.

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For those seeking thrills, don’t miss out on rides like Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom or the adrenaline-pumping attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And to cool off from the Florida sun, head to Blizzard Beach water park for some splashtastic fun.

Whether you’re enjoying the new attractions like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge or simply immersing yourself in the magic of Walt Disney World, Spring Break is a big, busy but still magical time to experience the wonder and joy that Disney vacations bring. Don’t forget to make advance dining reservations to savor delectable meals and secure your spot at popular restaurants.

Disney World Spring Break crowds

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As mentioned, the thing about March at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios that is difficult to manage is the crowds. High wait times and shoulder-to-shoulder traffic swarm the Central Florida Disney Resort. Spring Break crowds, although good business for Disney, often are to be avoided by guests who frequent the parks. Along with the influx of visitors comes high stress, awkward moments, and sometimes downright ridiculous behavior, as we’ve already seen this year when a topless guest decided to jump into one of the waterways.

Whether you’re visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom, spending a day with princesses and pirates at Magic Kingdom, or doing some shopping at Disney Springs, everyone loves a good trip report! Reddit, the popular social media platform is full of interesting details from recent guests of Walt Disney World. One of those detailed excursion reports recently caught our eye, and we wanted to share the details as they perfectly sum up the “magical” experience of what braving Disney World during Spring Break can look like.

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A Spring Break Trip Report

Reddit user @Knoxsparrow recently shared a shocking report highlighting some of the weird and disturbing things they noticed from Spring Break crowds during their Disney vacation at Walt Disney World over the last week. So, without further ado, here is their entire trip report:

Guests of Disney : Spring Break Edition
byu/Knoxsparrow inDisneyWorld

I want to start by saying the cast members were wonderful and accommodating. We also met some really wonderful guests but….

Here were my top cringe moments from guests in no order but the last is the worst :

Taking off shoes with bare feet in Space 220 lounge. I really do not want to look at your adult bare feet while I’m eating.

Ewww, gross! We get it, taking off your shoes after a long days of walking miles at Disney World is one of the best feelings in the world. Doing it in a lounge where other guests are enjoying beverages and bit-size snacks, not so much!

KID took photos of their “influencer” mother at HS for at least 10 minutes while the kid looked miserable and the mom did all the poses.

Come one mom! Get those kiddos on Slinky Dog Dash. Although Disney influencers have become a common sight at Walt Disney World, many feel that some of them can be rude and unaccommodating to other guests.

Watching TikTok/IG/whatever without headphones at any point. The most egregious of this being DURING the frozen singalong and a teenager who was too cool (no pun intended) watching them out loud and my husband (who also probably didn’t want to do that activity) having to tell him to respect the people around him. 

Don’t be this person. If you’re not interested in the show, it’s a great place to take a nap. Instead of ruining the experience for everyone around you, just rest up instead.

Flower and Garden Festival

Credit: Disney

Parents who leave their hyper or rambunctious kids BEHIND them in line. Obviously kids are stoked and probably had some sugar so I don’t mind the kids being hyped and having fun but don’t let them literally run into other people etc.

Kids love Walt Disney World, and the sheer excitement of seeing their favorite characters or riding their favorite attractions at a theme park definitely gets them hyped. Considering the high crowd levels during Spring Break, it’s never a bad idea to keep them reeled in, though.

Don’t let your tweens drink from the watering spigots in line of haunted mansion. I had to tell the kid (mom in front of them not paying attention) that it was most likely not drinkable.

Yikes! At Walt Disney World, water is readily available to all guests, even during the busy time when the crowd level increases beyond insane. Each theme park offers free ice water at the dining establishment, so even if the Disney World weather is warming up, there’s no need to drink from any ride features, ever!

I saved this for last and why I marked this NSFW because it’s truly creepy – There are absolutely people with levels of creep. At the frozen singalong, I watched an adult man (with his young daughter next to him and wife two seats over) watch videos while waiting of young women running in leggings and some very interesting view points. Like LOTS of these.

We don’t want to assume that this story happened with any ill intention. However, it is a good learning opportunity, one where we can remind ourselves to all be conscious about what we’re saying, watching, or listening to other guests at Walt Disney World.

Those are definitely some cringy experiences. The user also added a small caveat to the end of his post: TLDR: watch your kids, keep your shoes on in enclosed spaces, let your kids enjoy Disney without worrying about your pics more than their enjoyment and WATCH what your kids and teens are wearing.

magic kingdom wedding

Credit: Disney Weddings

As you plan your Spring Break getaway to Walt Disney World, be sure to check a crowd calendar for optimal park pass availability and make use of the Early Theme Park Entry benefit for resort guests. Certainly, as most Florida schools are out, the parks will be massively packed. Although, if expectations are kept in check, Spring Break can be a fun time to visit Walt Disney World, it can also be a very stressful one. However, with careful planning and a sprinkle of pixie dust, your Spring Break at Walt Disney World will be nothing short of enchanting.

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