10 Budget-Friendly Walt Disney World Souvenirs

Pressed Pennies

7. Pressed Pennies

Pressed pennies have been around since the Disney World days of my youth, and don’t look like they are going away anytime soon which is great, because we are rediscovering our childhood fascination for these copper souvenirs. As a child, I stood in awe as I watched the machine work its magic, turning a simple penny into a commemorative souvenir with a fascinating Disney image on it. These pressed pennies will typically run you around 51 cents (doesn’t get much cheaper than that at Disney!) but some machines will press dimes or quarters and cost a little more (at most $1.25). Your collection of pressed pennies or quarters can then be displayed in a fun collector’s booklet (available for purchase at Disney for around $8) or you can turn your pressed coin collection into artwork to frame on a wall (in the shape of Mickey’s head perhaps?) or fun Disney jewelry! The possibilities are endless with this budget friendly souvenir!

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