9 things You Should Never Do On Rides At Disney World Resort

Haunted Mansion

9. Spreading Ashes of Loved Ones

I know what you’re thinking….”This is insane! Are you serious? How is this possible?”. This may sound crazy to you and many others, but this has been a serious problem at a few rides at Disney Parks, particularly Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion (since they are very dark inside). There are some people that decide they want to spread the ashes of a loved one at a particular ride because the person that passed away really loved the ride. This is a huge no-no. Guests caught spreading ashes in rides will get removed from the park. I have also read that rides get cleaned frequently, so chances are those ashes that were spread will be swept up and thrown in the trash. Not worth getting in trouble for, especially if the ashes will just end up in the trash.

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