A Beginners Guide For Pin Trading At Disney World

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In 1999, Disney introduced the concept of pin trading to the parks. Originally it was meant to be temporary, however due to the popularity among guests, pin trading is still very prominent today. At first navigating the pin trading world can seem overwhelming but once you get the hang of it, it’s a ton of fun for the whole family!

1. Fun For All Ages

Pin trading is not just for kids, after all adults are just big kids! Guests of all ages can enjoy pin trading as long as they have pins to trade.

2. Who Can Trade

Cast Members throughout the parks and resorts wear pins either around their necks or attached to their waists for guests to trade with. Not all Cast Members have pins, typically it is limited to those in merchandise and custodial, as well as managers. To ask a Cast Member to trade you simply go up to them and ask to see their pins. It is good etiquette to not touch the cast member’s lanyard. If you see one you like you may ask to trade for it. You must trade one pin for a Cast Member’s pin. The Cast Member must trade you for it if it is on their lanyard. Remember to hand your pin to the Cast Member with the back on so no one gets injured. You may trade two pins at a time. Trading with other guests is an option as well, but they are not obligated to trade if they choose not to.

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