Stitch Prepares to ‘Redecorate’ Cinderella Castle In Viral Video

A whimsical scene at a Disney theme park features the iconic Cinderella Castle, recently revitalized with magical makeovers, surrounded by ornate streetlights. Cartoon characters Stitch, from "Lilo & Stitch," and Mickey Mouse stand at the forefront, adding a playful touch to the enchanting backdrop.
Credit: Disney Fanatic

What would the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World have looked like with even more theming added to Cinderella Castle? Thankfully, a certain mischievous little alien from the Lilo and Stitch franchise was on top of things and ready to add some “throwback” elements back onto Cinderella Castle. Let’s take a look…


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April Fools! (Thank goodness! Disney had us worried for a second…) Although this ‘April Fools’ video was just a joke, Stitch actually did ‘redecorate’ Cinderella Castle in 2004, though, much to the surprise of many guests visiting the Magic Kingdom that day.

Unsuspecting guests heading into the Disney theme park on November 16, 2004, were shocked to see Stitch’s makeover of Cinderella Castle with toilet paper strung over the turrets and even some graffiti, aptly noting “Stitch is King.” The makeover was done to celebrate the opening of the now-closed Stitch’s Great Escape attraction in Tomorrowland. While some guests were not fans of an earlier redesign of Cinderella Castle (see below) the Stitch makeover has certainly gone down in history as one of the most perplexing decoration choices ever.

Birthday Cake Castle

Credit: Disney

The birthday cake castle was created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort, offering quite the sight for guests visiting the Disney park from October 1, 1996-1998. This look was unveiled during a grand televised spectacular, and while it was met with mixed reviews from guests visiting the park at the time, it has become a major part of 90s Disney nostalgia for many guests today!

lion king "i just can't wait to be king"

Credit: Disney

Cinderella Castle was once again decorated for the 50th anniversary of Disneyland in 2005, when its exterior was dressed up with new golden accents and character statures plus a stained class “magic mirror” that changed images about every minute or so to show a different Disney park around the world.

Characters featured on the “Happiest Celebration on Earth” Castle included Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Wendy around one of the tallest spires, as well as characters from The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book, just to name a few.

magic kingdom cinderella castle

Credit: Greg Park, Unsplash


During The Magical Celebration on Earth, guests enjoyed Cinderella Castle’s unique look for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World.

And, while it was fun to take a look back at previous Castle decorations, we have to admit we’re relieved Stitch hasn’t gotten his hands on toilet paper for real since 2004.

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